Sausalito, California

Marin County


Sausalito is a city in Marin County in the U.S. state of California, right on the bay of San Francisco. The city's name is of Spanish origin and was initially " Saucelito ", meaning " little willow " means in German.


Originally Miwok lived in what is now Sausalito. Early explorers from Europe (the first was the Spaniard Don José de Cañizares in 1775 ) describe them as friendly and helpful. However, within a few generations, the immigrants took their place.

The geographical proximity to the Golden Gate, the area should also turn out in and around Sausalito as militarily significant, first in the Mexican-American War, and later in the Second World War. At the eastern end of the Golden Gate already a Spanish fort was 1783 with 33 men, which has become the most important strategic point on the U.S. West Coast under the official designation Presidio. During the period of Prohibition Sausalito was also a popular place to rum smugglers.


Sausalito is located at 37 ° 51 ' 75 "North, 122 ° 29' A 25" West. The city covers an area of 5.8 km ² of which 0.9 km ² ( 15.18 % ) are made of water.


According to figures from the year 2000, there were 7330 residents, 4254 households, and 1663 families. The population density is 1489.5 persons per km ². The average per capita income of $ 81,040 is among the highest in the USA.


Due to its location at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge Sausalito has relatively many visitors. From the motorway exit leads a small access road on a hill with a lookout point which allows for views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay of San Francisco.

Also over the waterway many tourists come to the city. Nine times daily public ferry runs from the harbor Sausalito and the Ferry Building in San Francisco. In addition to a houseboat colony a promenade runs past shops and restaurants overlooking Alcatraz and the skyline of San Francisco.

Literary processing

The novel The Sea Wolf by Jack London begins with the narrator Humphrey van Weyden on Monday morning is after a day spent in Mill Valley weekend on the way back from Sausalito to San Francisco, as the ferry rammed and sunk in the dense fog of a steamer will. Van Weyden is later picked up by the leaking seal saver of Wolf Larsen, the " catfish ".

Sons and daughters of the town

  • JR Hildebrand ( * 1988), American racing driver