Sava (Region)

Sava is one of the 22 regions of Madagascar. It belongs to the ( old ) Antsiranana Province in the northeast of the island. Made the region was on 3 September 2004, following a national referendum on April 4, 2007, they replace it with a transitional period until October 2009, the old provinces as the highest sub-national administrative unit.

In 2004, 805 300 inhabitants living in the region.

The city Antalaha, located on the northeast coast of Madagascar is called the world capital of vanilla.


The Sava region has an area of ​​25,518 km ². Capital is Sambava.

Administrative divisions

The Sava region is divided into four districts:

  • Andapa
  • Antalaha
  • Sambava
  • Vohémar

The name of the region was formed from the initial letters of the four districts.


Marojejy and Masoala: In the region of Sava National Parks lie.