Savage (Band)

Savage was founded in 1978 in Mansfield, England. It is one of the better-known representatives of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.


Chris Bradley (bass and vocals), guitarists Wayne Renshaw and Andy Dawson and drummer Dave Lindley formed the first permanent occupation. In 1982, the single " Is not No Fit Place" to the contract for the debut album " Loose'n'Lethal " with Ebony Records. The LP " one of the greatest heavy metal hopes of England " (Dave Constable ) sold over 25,000 copies in a short time. The cheaply produced, extremely raw sound was important for the development of speed and thrash metal. Metallica who covered the beginning of her career the Savage song "Let It Loose".

1984 closed to a contract with the label Zebra Records, under which the EP " We Got the Edge" and the second album " Hyperactive " appeared. Lack of success of this LP dissolved Savage 1986. Its members remained active among others, Rebel, XL and in a Thin Lizzy cover band.

Mid-90s, launched the label Neat Metal a focused attempt to bring the New Wave of British Heavy Metal back into the swing in which they brought CDs of blitzkrieg, holocaust or the Northern Irishman Sweet Savage on the market. Also Savage got from this label a second chance and took advantage of it. The third album "Holy Wars", in 1996 for the first appearance in Germany on the first Bang Your Head Festival with Blind Guardian. There were a few busy years for Chris Bradley and Andy Dawson from the original line-up and only Dave Lindley, later Richard Kirk on drums. Andy Wilson helped especially for live performances as a second guitarist to complete the band.

The fourth album "Babylon", which was first accompanied by a video clip that showed the band at their most melancholy side, and clearer than ever occurred Thin Lizzy as the most important musical influence shows. 2000 played Savage live at Wacken Open Air After the stylistic break with the consciously modern sounding fifth album " Xtreme Machine" "beyond the tolerance limit of many metalheads " it was quiet around the band, however, has not officially disbanded until today and a sixth album plans.