Savigny Abbey

Daughter monasteries

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The monastery of Savigny is a former Cistercian abbey in France. The existing ruins of a former monastery located in the village of Savigny- le -Vieux, 8 km south of Saint- Hilaire- du- Harcouët in the department of Manche, Basse-Normandie region.


The monastery was founded in the year 1112 (or 1113 ) by Saint Vitalis on a donated by Raoul de Fougères site. It soon became one 140 monks. His second was abbot from 1122 to 1138, Blessed Geoffroy. Under him the monastery to the organizational scheme of the Cistercians refused to ( Filiationssystem, annual general chapter in the mother abbey of Savigny since 1132 ). Third abbot of Savigny was Ives from Furness Abbey, which was followed in 1140 Serlon. The Congregation of Savigny included at this time already 28 abbeys in France and the British Isles. 1147 a split in the entrance of the Congregation was at the request of Serlon who tried it, forestall, approved in the Cistercian order as a daughter house of Clairvaux monastery. The filiation of Savigny finally belonged to 75 abbeys. In Villers- Canivet a priory was built in 1127, was in 1681 raised to the royal abbey. Another priory was built (15 km east of the monastery ) in Dompierre 1119. The later monastery Barbery was from 1140 a grange of Savigny Abbey; it was in 1176 raised to the abbey. The monastery itself reached in the 14th century, a number of 300 monks and 100 converse. In the Huguenot wars of the 16th century, the monastery was burned down. In the French Revolution, it was repealed in 1790. 1820 was an extensive dismantling of the plant.

Daughter monasteries

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  • In France Monastery of Les Vaux -de- Cernay (1118-1791)
  • Monastery Chaloché (1121-1790)
  • Monastery of La Vieux Ville (1121-1790)
  • Monastery of La Trappe (1122-1790, 1815 - )
  • Monastery Beaubec (1127-1790)
  • Monastery Foucarmont (1130-1791)
  • Monastery Aulnay (1131-1791)
  • Monastery of La Boissiere (1131-1790)
  • Monastery of Fontaine- les- Blanches ( 1125 Savigny 1134-1791 )
  • Long Villers Abbey (1135-1791)
  • Monastery Lannoy (1135-1790)
  • Monastery Le Breuil -Benoît (1137-1790)
  • Monastery of St- André- de -Gouffern (1137-1790)
  • Monastery Tironneau (1149-1790)
  • Monastery of La Boulaye ( 1170 -? )
  • Monastery Bon Repos (1172-1790)
  • Monastery Barbery (1176-1790)
  • Monastery Champagne ( 1188 -? )
  • Monastery Lieudieu ( 1191 -? )
  • Monastery Torigny ( 1307 -? )
  • Abbey Villers- Canivet (Priorat 1127 )
  • Inch Abbey

Buildings and plant

Built since 1173, and completed around 1200, the monastery church was 82 feet long. From it was not much more choice than shapeless ruins, which does not even look particularly picturesque ( Musset ). To the apse nine chapels were arranged in a semicircle. Of the original Romanesque conventual buildings still standing that framed with a double zigzag rod Portal of the refectory, as much a part of the guest house, which is built on an agricultural estate. The parish church of Savigny- le -Vieux has various items of equipment, as well as the Collegiate of Mortain. Also in Teilleul and Coutances different parts are installed.