Saw (2003 film)

  • Leigh Whannell: David
  • Paul Moder: police - officer
  • Katrina Mathers: Nurse
  • Dean Francis: victim

Saw (English for saw), is an Australian short film from the year 2003. Horror thriller is the forerunner of the Saw film series, which consists of seven films. Directed by James Wan. The screenplay was co-written by Wan and Leigh Whannell.

The short film also appeared on DVD of the 2nd edition of Saw: The Uncut.


David (Leigh Whannell ), a nurse, is interrogated by a police officer (Paul Moder ) in civilian clothes. He reported that he had been overwhelmed on the way home and locked up in a tiled room. His head was stuck in a kind of reverse bear trap that will shatter his head at the expiration of a time period. A doll that he could see through a monitor, explained to him this and also that he had to cut the key to open the trap out of the belly of his dead cellmate to survive. David was able to free himself from his hand cuffs and had to find that the cells companion breathed and was apparently only stunned. David have the body still open and was able to free himself from the trap. Now the doll had appeared and had congratulated him for survival and claimed that he was henceforth grateful to be alive.

The film ends with the unanswered question of the police, if David was really grateful to have survived.


The film was produced mainly in order to allow prospects as actors and studios can advertise that wanted to make this concept a feature-length horror film. Lionsgate finally secured the rights and produced up to a few pars a completely independent film, but with the same title and Leigh Whannell as a screenwriter of the first three Saw films.

Even the music was contributed by Charlie Clouser.

Saw II Saw V to be found today among the top 20 of the most successful films from Lionsgate.

Comparison with Saw ( 2004)

  • Leigh Whannell plays David in the short film. In Saw he takes on the role of Adam Stan Height.
  • The scene with the reverse bear trap found with Amanda Young in Saw again.
  • Leigh Whannell wrote the screenplays for both films and James Wan directed.
  • In both films, the main action takes place in a bathroom, the bathroom is from the short film significantly greater.
  • Almost the entire short film has been copied in a scene for the first Saw film.