One type of the Real sawflies ( Tenthredinidae )

The sawflies or sawflies ( Symphyta ) are a group of Hymenoptera ( Hymenoptera) and make a Paraphylum; they form the primitive group of the Hymenoptera and have in contrast to the waist wasps ( Apocrita ) not on the abdomen incision, the " wasp waist ". The larvae usually live on plants and resemble the caterpillars, they are also called "After caterpillars ". The numerous species of sawflies are found mainly in the temperate regions. In Central Europe, about 800 species of sawflies occur. They include numerous classified as pests species.

The insects are mostly plant or nectar eaters; only the species of the family Orussidae develop as parasitoids of larvae of other insects.

Most sawflies are tied to specific host plants. In particular, the storage of the eggs takes place in the plurality of types in the plant tissue.

The sawfly following families include:

  • Sawflies behaved ( Tenthredinoidea ) True sawflies ( Tenthredinidae )
  • Buschhorn sawflies ( Diprionidae )
  • Brush Horn sawflies ( Argidae )
  • Keulhornblattwespen ( Cimbicidae )
  • Blasticotomidae
  • Pergidae
  • Halmwespen ( Cephidae )
  • Wood wasps ( Siricidae )
  • Anaxyelidae
  • Orussidae
  • Xyelidae