SB LiMotive

The SB LiMotive Co. Ltd.. was a company to develop and manufacture lithium -ion batteries for use in hybrid and electric vehicles. The joint venture of Samsung SDI and Robert Bosch GmbH was founded in 2008 and on September 5, 2012, the resolution was communicated.


In September 2008, SB LiMotive resumed its activities in South Korea and in October 2008, the SB LiMotive Germany GmbH was founded. In July 2009, SB LiMotive took over the U.S. battery maker Cobasys LLC. In September 2009, the groundbreaking ceremony took place for the construction of the lithium -ion cell manufacturing facility in Ulsan ( South Korea), which was opened in November 2010.

Samsung SDI and Robert Bosch GmbH divided to 50 % ownership of the joint venture. Lee Jin -gun was president of the joint venture and Joachim Fetzer Executive Vice President.


The head office and cell development were in Giheung (South Korea). On the second Korean site in Ulsan large-scale production facility for battery cells has been established. The Vorserienprojekte of lithium -ion cells began in 2010 and mass production. Location in Germany, Stuttgart -Feuerbach was both the system development and the construction of prototypes settled in 2011. From Stuttgart also a global team of marketing, sales and project management has been established. In July 2009, the company grew through the acquisition of the U.S. company Cobasys LLC, which is located in the cities Orion (Michigan) and Springboro (Ohio ). There, nickel -metal hydride batteries for hybrid vehicles are manufactured and supports the development of battery systems with lithium -ion technology. The end of 2010 employed SB LiMotive at all locations approximately 700 employees.


The Company's projects included the development of the battery cells for electric vehicles, the BMW project " Megacity Vehicle ". Vehicles from it, such as the BMW i3 should go into production in 2013. Overall, to have had SB LiMotive about a dozen customers. Its customers included not only BMW nor Fiat and a consortium of U.S. carmaker Chrysler, Ford and GM in 2011 awarded a development contract to Cobasys LLC. In addition, VW and the Indian carmaker Mahindra & Mahindra said to have decided, according to media reports for SB LiMotive.


In March 2012 it was announced that the joint venture is to be resolved. After four years, the joint venture was completed on 5 September 2012. Bosch received around 45 million Euros from Samsung. For this was the lithium -ion cell production in Ulsan and cell development in Giheung at Samsung. Bosch took the battery system business, based in Stuttgart- Feuerbach. In addition, the U.S. company Cobasys LLC has been integrated into the Bosch Group. In the approximately 3000 patents a two-way access has been agreed.