SBB Bem 550

The Bem are 550 standard gauge electric multiple unit cars of the Swiss Federal Railways ( SBB) for the route Geneva - La Plaine, which is equipped with the French electricity system and the French signal system. The modeled after the railcar of the Métro Lausanne ( m1) built railcars were put into operation in 1994 and how these originate from the work of Vevey technologies ( Ateliers de construction Mechaniques de Vevey ( ACMV ) ) in Villeneuve. For the electrical equipment of the vehicles ABB was responsible.


The Bem 550 consists of two car bodies with one and two entry-level platforms with outdoor swinging doors. Are each a cab with large front and side windows, and wide bumper bar on buffer level at the two ends. The driver sits in the right direction of motion.


The Bem 550 is aligned with one hand. This means that the drivers brakes and moves the railcars on a so-called set-point adjuster. The Bem 550 supplied with power from a single-arm pantographs. He also owns a small 88kW - ​​strong auxiliary combustion engine.