The C 5/6 is a steam locomotive of the Swiss Federal Railways ( SBB).


The Gotthard locomotive C 5/6 had a standard load of 320 tons at 26 km / h on the Gotthard steep grades, where it was used in the express and freight traffic. In the lowlands they could pull a 1000 -ton train with 22 km / h. She was so much more powerful than its predecessors, including the C 4/ 5, so she got the nickname "elephant". Since you have had good experience with the C 4/5, the construction of which was taken as the basis for the C 5/6.

The C 5/6 is the largest Railway steam locomotive next to the Express Locomotive A 3/5 probably the best known.


The C 5/6 were originally designed for the Gotthard operation. Through the emerging competition in the coming years by electric locomotives they were ousted in the lowlands. Some were used for shunting at Basel, or Chiasso train station, and often on the late electrified line between Bellinzona and Luino.

During the Second World War, the SBB 16 C 5/6 leased to the German Reichsbahn. They were used mainly in Baden, Württemberg, Alsace and Bavaria. After the war, some were rented to France. In both cases, had the tracks do not have sufficient locomotives to transport certain goods for Switzerland, which is why the Railway steam locomotives made ​​available.

The No. 2976 was 1953, a oil furnace. This does not, however, proved to be.

The Historical Heritage Foundation at the SBB ( SBB Historic) preserved 2978 was built in 1917 and was the last steam locomotive commissioned in the SBB. With the arrival of the last official steam train in Winterthur on 30 November 1968 which was also drawn from the 2978, the Dampfzeitära was officially over at SBB.

The 2978 is always used for special events such as 1997 when the 150 - year anniversary of Switzerland's railway history.

The 1915 built in 2969 is processed by Euro Vapor in Sulgen. She was previously set up in 1997 as a memorial in front of the halls of the SLM in Winterthur. Also in 2958, which stood as plinthed in Olten, went to Euro Vapor and serves as spare parts for the preparation of the 2969th The Inoperable C 5/6 2965 is stationed in the Museum of Transport in Lucerne Switzerland.