The Re 450 is a four-axle Umrichterlokomotive the SBB for the S -Bahn Zurich. The locomotives have been constructed for the first generation of double -decker commuter trains.


Due to the Pendelzugbetriebs was no need for a second cab and used the space saved for a baggage compartment. Outwardly aligned with the rest of the double-decker commuter train (DPZ ) and with distant second cab remembers nothing about the fact that the 450 Re technically broadly in line with from 1987 by SLM / BBC built for private railways Re 456. However, the chassis is a new development of SIG. The Re 450 is the first large series of Umrichterlokomotiven with GTO thyristors and AC induction motors which are at SBB in use.

Between 1989 and 1997 a total of 115 pieces of Re 450 by SLM / ABB were built. The first series of 24 locomotives was still under the name Re 4/4V ( 10500-10523 ) ordered contributed extradition has been the new label Re 4/ 4450 ( 450000-450023 ) under which the second series of 26 machines ( 450024-450049 ) was delivered. In the meantime, changed the SBB series and running numbers again, and the locomotives were given their still unchanged valid series name Re 450 Due to the heavy workload of the SLM by building the SBB Re 460, which starts in a big way in 1992, the 45 Lokomotiv box third series ( 450050-450094 ) of Schindler Waggon ( SWP / SWG) from the work Pratteln delivered. The fourth and final series of another 20 machines ( 450095-450114 ) is from 1996 delivered - after the delivery of the Re 460 These machines are rebuilt with SLM locomotive body, while the ABB traffic engineering, now under the name of Adtranz, again supplying the electrical equipment.

The corresponding bi-level cars (DS ) are SIG ( chassis ) and ABB respectively Adtranz built in the same period of Schindler Waggon ( car body parts, mechanical parts ), ( electrical equipment). A Re - 450 Pendelzugskomposition generally consists of an AB and a B-car and a control car (Bt).

The Re 450 and the associated DS -Bt have automatic clutches and are coupled in normal operation each composition, via the automatic clutch. The multiple-unit control allowed the common run of up to four Pendelzugkompositionen. Since the effective length of the station platforms is limited to the Zurich S- Bahn network usually to a maximum of 320 m, the display and diagnostic level of the cabs was designed to only three units.


The alone fully operational Re 450 is basically able to perform each UIC -compliant car, which is not made for operational reasons in practice. In the event of actuator drives to Yverdon in the main workshops (new industrial plant) the carrying of other cars / vehicles is possible. If the Re 450 not remotely controlled by a control car or any other vehicle from - or merely dragged - is, it is necessary to turn them into sustaining plants each.

Of the 115 delivered locomotives are still all machines in daily use. 2 piece ( 450 067 and 070) were transferred in 2008 as a re 456 551 and 552 to the SZU.

On another replica was waived after the previous production were no longer available. From 2006, the existing 115 DPZ were supplemented with the double -decker trains ( DMUs ) SBB RABe 514.

End of June 2008 gave the SBB announced that it ordered 121 new low-floor double-deck coaches ( NDW ) the consortium Siemens / Bombardier. The new cars are wheelchair accessible, air-conditioned and in operation since 2011. In the existing car is retrofitted into a refit program will include air conditioning installed (DPZ ). The investment volume amounts to 360 million francs - including contributions made by the SBB, exclusive refit of old vehicles. The released through the use of new low-floor double-deck coaches Doppelstockwagen the first generation ( DPZ ) are additional double-deck trains ( HVZ ) joined together for use in peak hours ..