SBM Offshore

The Dutch company SBM Offshore (formerly IHC Caland NV ) is the management holding company of a group of international companies, working as suppliers to the offshore oil and gas industry on a global level.

The company started its activities in the early 1950s and was a pioneer in Single Point Mooring System (SPM ) as well as in dynamic positioned oil-drilling ( drilling vessels ), mobile oil drilling rigs ( jack- up drilling rigs ) and Schwerlastplattformkrähnen.

Originally the name of the company IHC Carland NV, but it changed its name in July 2005. The company is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam euro.

The group includes:

  • Single Buoy Moorings Group
  • SBM Imodco Inc.
  • Atlantia Offshore Limited
  • Gusto B. V.
  • Marine Structure Consultants ( MSC) B. V.
  • GustoMSC Inc.