SC Freamunde

Sport Clube Freamunde is a football club based in the Portuguese municipality in the district Freamunde Paços de Ferreira. Its home games are held in the Campo Freamunde SC.


The history of the association began when Cardinal Antonio Filipe watched a group of children playing soccer and decided to form a club. Another cleric, Father Castro, led the sporting affairs of the company founded under the name Freamunde Sports Club on March 19, 1933 clubs. He was called up for the season 1945 /46. The club wore his games on the Campo do Carvalhaland a place that Castro was. In 1990, the club received a new stadium in which he plays its games today. 2004, a second course was opened and the 75th anniversary of a fan shop.

1999, the club reached the second power level after he was in a row champion of the underlying Leagues twice. 2001, however, the club was relegated again and reached again only in the 2007/ 08 season the second Portuguese league, the Liga de Honra (Honorary League ), from which he is descended again in 2013.


Master of

  • 4th Division: 1997/98
  • 3rd Division: 1998/99, 2006/07

Former Players

  • Portugal José Bosingwa
  • Portugal Vitorino Antunes
  • Portugal Mangualde
  • Portugal Ricardo Silva
  • Portugal Milton
  • Portugal Paulo Sousa
  • Portugal César
  • Portugal Orlando
  • Portugal Taborda
  • Portugal Ricardo Fernandes
  • Portugal André Leão
  • Portugal André Marques
  • Portugal Murta
  • Portugal Pedro Barbosa
  • Portugal Santana
  • Portugal Pedro Taborda
  • Cameroon Alain Nkong
  • Cameroon André- Joël Eboué
  • Cape Verde Dany
  • French Guiana Jean- Renaud Nemouthé
  • Nigeria Pascal Kondaponi


  • Terceira Divisão Portuguesa: 1998
  • Segunda Divisão Portuguesa: 1999, 2007