SC Langenthal

The SC Langenthal ( complete: Ice - Club Langenthal ) is a Swiss ice hockey club from Langenthal. He plays since 2002 in the second-class National League B ( NLB).


In the 2001 / 02 season, the SC Langenthal succeeded as Swiss amateur champion of the promotion to the second-class National League B, in which he plays since then, having previously played long in the first league, the third-highest league. In 2002/03 season the team won six wins and five draws, reaching the tenth. In the following season the team reached the play-offs for the first time. In semi-final one was eliminated by the EHC Basel.

In the season 2005/ 06 the SC Langenthal was the surprise of the league. For a long time he was on the first place in the standings, but was ousted at the end of the qualification of Biel and Sierre and thus ended up in third place. The yellow and blues eliminated as was the previous season in the semi-final from. But this time not with a 4-0, but in the playoff 4-3. In the season 2006/ 07, the SC Langenthal has the qualifications clearly decided for himself and was for a long time the leaders. Starting this season, you could read the opponent for the quarter-final pairing. The SCL chose the GCK Lions, who had completed the qualification as 7. GCK Lions went in the best of seven series 3-0 lead. The SCL was able to react and reduced the lead to 3-2 in the sixth game of the GCK Lions made ​​everything clear and won the series 4-2.

Since the 2001/ 02 season, the team's budget for the SC Langenthal increased annually by CHF 0.7 million to CHF initially 3.5 million in the 2007/ 08 season.

The qualification of the 2007/08 season has finished in sixth place of the SC Langenthal. The SCL has been selected by La Chaux de Fonds, which the qualifications were completed on the 3rd position. The SCL lost the series against La Chaux de Fonds with 0:4 ( 2:4, 3:4, 1:2, 3:4 ). Also in the 2008/ 09 season failed Langenthal in the playoff quarterfinals at La Chaux de Fonds.

In the season 2009/10 season they finished in 7th place. For the play-off quarter-final of the SCL was determined as an opponent in the election process from local rivals EHC Olten. This dispute was under the special sign that the SCL, had committed just before the start of the series, still standing at this point in the EHC Olten under Contract foreigners Brent Kelly and Jeff Campbell and the Swiss player Mathias Brägger for the upcoming season. The three formed in Olten the first storm series. In seven in Olten, Langenthal and well-attended games of the SCL lost with 3:4.

In the season 2011/12 SC Langenthal was the NLB Swiss champion for the first time in club history. The qualification joined the team behind the HC Lausanne from on the second rank. In the quarter finals, the playoffs against the EHC Basel, the SCL prevailed with 4-0 wins and qualified for the first time in six years for the semi-finals. In this the Langesthaler defeated the HC La Chaux -de-Fonds in a series, which went over the maximum distance of seven games. The SC Langenthal won the decisive seventh game in the stadium before Shors 3741 spectators thanks to goals by Noël Guyaz and Jeff Campbell 2-1. In the play-off final of the SC Langenthal met the HC Lausanne. After two defeats at the start of the SCL turned the best- of-seven series and sat down by 4-2 victories. At the sold out stadium Shors the SC Langenthal was for the first time in club history, Swiss champion in the National League B. The League qualifier against the HC Ambri -Piotta finally went 4-1 victories at Ambri. Twice the Shors hall with 4,800 spectators was completely sold out.

In the 2012/13 season of SCL occupied in qualifying the 2nd prize. In the play-off he defeated the GCK Lionsmit 4-0 victories. In the semi-final of the SCL failed after 2010 again on local rivals EHC Olten with 2:4 victories.

Champion teams

Goalkeeper Marc Eichmann, Marco Mathis

Defender: Claudio Cadonau, Stefan Flückiger, Noël Guyaz, Marc Leuenberger, Yves Müller, Marc Schefer, Nicholas Steiner, Marc Wolf

Attacker: Yanick Bode husband, Jeff Campbell, Daniel Carbis, Alexander Châtelain, Thomas Dommen, Marco Gruber, Dominic Hobi, Manuel Get Stone, Marc Fighting, Brent Kelly, Stefan Tschannen, Tim Weber

Head Coach: Heinz Ehlers


Scan for top game between the EHC Biel and SC Langenthal (January 2007)

Marc Eichmann, Goalkeeper of the SC Langenthal (January 2007)