SC Neukirchen

The Sports Club Neukirchen 1899 eV is one of the biggest sports clubs in the Schwalm - Eder district and is with nearly 600 members of an important social force within the city of Neukirchen.

Currently, the departments are football, gymnastics / gymnastics, triathlon / athletics and table tennis at the club active. Soccer and gymnastics department are by far the largest lines in the SCN. Nationally known the SC Neukirchen was the first football team that played for many years in the Oberliga Hessen and between 1995 and 1999 in the Regionalliga Süd. One of the greatest sporting achievements, in addition to the Regional Climb 1995 part of the three-time winning the Hessen Cup in the years 1985, 1995 and 1997.

After several off and climbs the first team of the SCN is currently playing in the county league. The reserve is set in the county league B. In the Youth ( CD Youth ) is called the SCN since the establishment of a youth gaming community with the SG Immichinhain / Ottrau " JSG Neukirchen / Ottrau ". In the Junior B, the term " JSG Neukirchen / Ottrau / Obergrenzebach " is.

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