The SC RASTA Vechta is a German basketball club from Vechta, Lower Saxony, whose first men's team plays in the 2013/2014 season in the Beko Basketball Bundesliga.


The club was founded on 26 June 1979, grew out of a basketball AG of high school Antonianum. The unusual name "Rasta " is meant as a tribute to the reggae music, especially on Rastaman Vibration by Bob Marley. After the club athletic and Member number had concerning refined continuously, one rose in the 2004/2005 season as champions of the 2nd Regional North / West on the Regionalliga Nord ( RLN ). In the following season the team was relegated from the first ( and, to date, only) time.

In 2007, the hitherto biggest success in club history was celebrated with the NBV Cup victory and already in the following season was achieved with the times but the championship chances of promotion to the 1st Regional. This time, coached by Malte Scheper team, however, was able to maintain and managed in the 2008/2009 season in the final table 3rd place

Due to the resignation of the Köln 99ers on their basketball league starting place polar bears Bremerhaven and the USC Freiburg were able to move up in the ProA or basketball league each to a league up. The freigewordenden place in the Pro B could then perceive the SC RASTA Vechta. The finals, in which the Vechta Gotha Rockets was inferior, meant the sporty rise in the ProA in which the SC Rasta played in the following season. With a budget of around 500 000 euros one stood in the 2012/2013 season in this category not at the top of the ProA. The ascent team from the ProA remained largely together, new entries came primarily from the Pro B (especially the duo of Pro B Final opponent's UBC Hannover Richard Williams and Jacob Doerksen. After losing three games early in the season it went steadily uphill include the launch of you a series of 10 victories, so Rasta was in series at the end of the regular season at the top. in the first playoff round to defeat the preliminary rounds Make Ehingen 3-0 victories. in the second round they met the BG Karlsruhe, here it was for both teams from the first four games no home victory and the decisive game 5 took place in Vechta. , this could decide with 86:74 for himself, so was the rise in the Beko BBL for the 2013/2014 season made ​​it. sporty in rather meaningless final against Dusseldorf, you could still secure a 2-0 victory the ProA title.

As a result of the rise, it is mandatory to have run teams in the junior leagues JBBL and NBBL. For this reason, the Basket Academy RASTA Vechta was established on 2 April 2013. It train players from the following clubs in the Academy: OSC Osnabrück, TuS Bad Essen, RASTA Vechta, VfL Loeningen, TuS Bramsche, Eintracht Nordhorn, TSV Quakenbruck.

The first BBL win the club's history was easily on the opening day of the 2013/2014 season on October 3, 2013 a 87:84 on the TBB Trier. Dirk Mädrich became the first player in the history of RASTA Vechta ALLSTAR. For the team, " National ", he was nominated by ALLSTAR coach Thorsten Leibenath for the Allstar Game 2013/2014.


Fits for 2012/ 13 was the new venue, the Rasta Dome, opened after a year of construction. The premiere season in the ProA graduated Rasta as main round first and it also managed to win the title in the promotion round. This in turn meant that less than a year old venue had already been expanded to meet the requirements of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL ). The new Rasta Dome was completed in time for the Beko BBL 2013/2014 season in October 2013 and offers 3140 spectators.

In addition to the Rasta Dome to be built for 1.2 to 1.4 million euros a training hall.

Economic data

Rasta Vechta has a budget of approximately 1.6 million euros, which for the most part by the main sponsor Miavit, an animal feed producer, comes from. This Rasta Vechta is located in the lower middle of the league.

Mascots and Fans

Since the 2013/2014 season RASTA Vechta has a mascot named Bob, derived from the reggae singer Bob Marley. The cheerleaders of the SC RASTA Vechta hot according to The Marleys.

Fan of the SC RASTA Vechta, in particular the first men's team is the velcro. It was founded with the intention to support the team at home and away games in 2004. The fan shop of Rasta -Dome, the so-called " fan -Eck ", is being supervised by the velcro.

Squad 2013/2014 season

  • Coach: Patrick Elzie
  • Assistant coach: Thomas Fischer
  • Athletics Coach: Josef Nieberding
  • Stefan Niemeyer

Change to the 2013/2014 season

  • Isaac Butts ( Moncton Miracles, CAN)
  • Max Weber (Neckar giant Ludwigsburg )
  • Faisal Aden ( Virtus Rome, ITA - No longer in the squad )
  • Dylan Talley (Nebraska Cornhuskers - NCAA - barely in the squad )
  • Urule Igbavboa (SF Basket Lulea, SWE )
  • Oliver Mackeldanz ( Cuxhaven BasCats )
  • Brandon Bowman ( Galil Gilboa, ISR)
  • Rashad Bishop ( Tijuca Tenis Clube, BRA)
  • William James Conroy ( medi bayreuth )
  • Corey Hassan ( End of career )
  • Robert Lavon Ferguson (BG Karlsruhe)
  • Benjamin Fumey (UBC Hannover)
  • Steven Kamp ester ( s.Oliver Baskets )
  • Faisal Aden ( North Dallas Vandals - ABA, USA )
  • Dylan Talley (destination unknown)

Success (selection)

  • 2012: Rise in the ProA League
  • 2013: Master of ProA
  • 2013: Rise in the Beko Basketball Bundesliga