SC Zofingen

The SC Zofingen is a football club from the town of Zofingen. The club was founded on 10 August 1896. The first team currently plays in the 1st League Classic, the fourth- highest Swiss league.



In 1971, two years later we got into the second league, even from the 3rd league. Thanks to a 1-1 draw in last season's game could be in 1974 before descending into the 4th league save. A year later, the SC Zofingen rose again in the second league.


After years of success, one rose in 1984, again in the third league. 1989 won the SC Zofingen the championship. However, the rise of games could not be obtained, so that the club continued to play in the 3rd league.


In 1990, the club was again champion, but again could not win the rise of games. In a dramatic playoff against Kölliken in Lenzburg you failed only in the penalty shootout. In 1992 you could after a season with only one defeat ascend to the 2nd league and establish itself there.


In 2001, one could ascend interregional in the 2nd league and a year later reached the summit in the first league. After solid Championships SC Zofingen succeeded in the 2007/ 08 season suddenly in the relegation-threatened zone. For the last five season games Andy Egli has been committed as a coach. With him is to secure the league succeeded.


In the year 2009/2010 the 1st Division team of Peter Schadler was performed. The relegation in the 08/ 09 season was secured in time. In the season 09 /10 then the team was never really on the spot. 5 laps to go, then the club management decided to separate from the coach P.Schädler. The rudder was the former NLA kicker Mirko Pavlicevic ( Swiss champion with FC Aarau 1993), he led the team out of the relegation sovereign regions, the League preservation was accomplished without trouble. In the season 10/11 (Rank 3) a marked squad reconstruction was made ​​after a very good first round in the spring. The team finished the championship from the secured midfield, without ever having been involved in a relegation battle.

The 2011/2012 season brought some changes in the squad of Fanionteams. Currently, the 1st team in particular still from former juniors and young players. The first round decided the team in 14th place and was reinforced with individual players in order to avoid the second half of the relegation battle at the end of the season.


In 1974, the new stadium was opened. It is located in the sports facilities Trinermatten and has a grandstand with 670 covered seats.