Schaltbau Group


  • Jürgen Cammann, CEO
  • Hans Jakob Zimmermann, Chairman

Schaltbau Holding AG is a traffic engineering company based in Munich.

Founded in 1929, was converted into a public limited company in 1992 and went in 1994 to the stock market. The Company's shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt as well as on the electronic Xetra Exchange under the symbol SLT in the regulated market. The share capital is 79.4 % free float. At the end of 2006, the 1,456 employees of the company had a turnover of 212.7 million euros. At the turn of the millennium, the company was in a crisis occurred in the large losses, however, now gains are recorded again. The product range consists of a variety of systems of transport technology and is used by companies in stationary traffic technology (eg railway crossing fuses ) and mobile traffic engineering (eg door systems ) distinguished.

  • 2.1 Bode Group, Kassel
  • 2.2 Schaltbau Group, Munich

Stationary traffic engineering

Pintsch group Dinslaken

The division stationary traffic engineering Pintsch - Bamag Group, with the Pintsch Bamag drive and traffic engineering GmbH in Dinslaken with its subsidiary Pintsch Aben in Maarssen in the Netherlands. The company Julius Pintsch was founded in 1843 in Berlin, Bamag 1870 in Dessau. The Pintsch Bamag Group has since 1987 Schaltbau.

Are manufactured products of the railway signal engineering ( railway signals, security systems for level crossings ), equipment for rail vehicles ( power systems, heaters ), audible and visual warning systems ( lightbar and special signaling systems for police, fire and emergency services ), drive systems ( brakes for heavy-duty cranes ) and navaids ( beacons and barrels, signaling devices for the equipment of lighthouses and locks) and obstruction lights for aviation.

The 364 employees of this division generated about 60 million euros in fiscal 2006.

Mobile Transportation Technology

Bode Group, Kassel

For business mobile traffic engineering Bode Group (since 1995), Beijing belongs to the Bode GmbH & Co. KG, based in Kassel and with subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Athens, Greece (since 1984), in Bursa in Turkey the People's Republic of China ( since 1997) and Rawicz in Poland ( since 2005). At all sites, production and assembly takes place, the development center is located in Kassel. The company was founded in Kassel 1968 and is since 1995 Schaltbau. In December 2009, the 49 -percent stake in China's Beijing Bode Transportation Equipment Co. Ltd. was. sold for 0.8 million euros.

The product range includes door systems (external and internal swing doors, revolving doors and folding doors, swing doors ) and boarding aids for buses and mainline, metro and tram rail vehicles and sliding door fittings for small vans. The company's customers are companies of the railway and automotive industries.

The Bode Group with 1169 employees in 2005 a turnover of 110 million euros, with Bode himself about 570 employees in 2006 were employed and a turnover of 97.5 million euros.

Schaltbau Group, Munich

For business mobile traffic engineering also Schaltbau Group, with headquarters in Munich and additional locations in Velden and Alder creek. It maintains subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Argenteuil in France ( since 1979), in Huntington in the United States (since 2001), India, Hong Kong (since 2004) and Xi'an (since 1994) and Shenyang (since 2006 ) in the People's Republic of China. Schaltbau GmbH was founded in 1929 and belonged to Gutehoffnungshütte, later MAN since 1936.

The product range includes electro-mechanical products for industrial and transport equipment, including connectors, snap switch, DC contactors, driving and emergency brake switch, command and signaling equipment and electrical equipment for passenger cars.

In the Schaltbau group about 511 employees in 2006 were employed, which generated sales of 55.1 million euros.