Schardenberg is a municipality in Upper Austria in Schärding district in Innviertel with 2312 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). The municipality is located in the judicial district Schärding. 2009 Schardenberg was charged by the Government of Upper Austria to the market town.


Schardenberg is located on 543 m altitude in Innviertel. The expansion is 8.4 kilometers from north to south, from west to east 9.2 km. The total area is 31.6 km ². 28.8 % of the area is forested, 61.1 % of the area is used for agriculture.

Districts of the municipality

Achleiten, Asing, stream, valley commander Ling, Englhaming, Fraunhof, gates, Grub, Ingling, Lindenberg, Luck, Schoenbach, Schardenberg and Winkl.

Coat of arms

Blazon: Over green, fringed by a golden bar Three mountain of blue and red with a silver, covered with a black pilgrim's staff with a golden knob and golden ring beam diagonally divided; above a golden, heraldic lily, growing from a golden Patriarch high cross with trefoil ends, down a golden, toppled ploughshare. The municipality colors are blue, white and red


Since the establishment of the Duchy of Bavaria was the area around Schardenberg part of the duchy. 1084 occurs the first mention of Schardenberg in the so-called Schardenberg Berger Foundation letters. Since 1704, the place is its own parish. After the Peace of Teschen, he was in 1779 with the Innviertel - added to the Archduchy Austria - then ' Innbaiern '. During the Napoleonic Wars again briefly in Bavaria, he belongs since 1814 to Upper Austria. In 1900, the Salvatorianer - Father Elseus fork Eder founded the monastery Hamberg as preparatory course for late bloomers. 1910 the new parish church is dedicated. After the annexation of Austria to the German Reich on 13 March 1938, the town belonged to the " Upper Danube ". After 1945 the restoration of Upper Austria.


Mayor is Joseph Schachner of the ÖVP.

Population Development

In 1991, the municipality had 2613 inhabitants according to the census, in 2001 then 2395 inhabitants.

Culture and sights

  • Observation tower
  • Parish Schardenberg: The present church, also called Innviertler Cathedral was built 1908-1910 in place of a demolished the previous building, from which even the Baroque tower, however, is obtained from 1741.
  • Fatima Chapel: In Fronwald - five minutes away from the parish church - was an old chapel where St.. Peter and the penitent Magdalene were worshiped on an ancient place of worship. The so-called Heidenstein has yet pointed out. In 1945 a renovation and the image of the Mother of God became the focus. The number of pilgrims grew, in 1949, the foundation stone of the present chapel and 1951, the inauguration of the sanctuary.
  • The statue of Our Lady is from the same artist's hand as the original in Fatima, Portugal. On the 13th of May to October, the Fatima Day to be celebrated and thousands of pilgrims come to the shrine in Fronwald.


  • Norbert Zeilberger (1969-2012), organist, harpsichordist, pianist; buried here.