Look Castle is a municipality in the district of Kassel, North Hesse.

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Look castle is located in the woods hawk hill country southwest of Kassel in the hoofer gate, a hollow between the hawk forests ridges High Hawk Forest ( north-east) and the Langeberg Mountains (south).

Particularly noteworthy is the nature park, in Hawk Forest, which offers a high degree of recreational opportunities. Due to this nature park and Naumburg by the trains of Hessencourriers. In addition, looking castle located on the German Fairytale Road.

By Hoof and districts Elgershausen the upper reaches of the Bauna, in which flows between the two villages of Firnsbach flows. Above the hamlet Breitenbach springs the Ems, which then flows through Breitenbach.

Community structure

The United Church is a merger of the formerly independent municipalities of Breitenbach, Elgershausen, Elmshagen, Hoof and Martin Hagen, who now act as districts.

Neighboring communities

Look castle is bordered to the north by the municipality Hawk Forest ( district of Kassel ), to the east by the county-level city of Kassel, in the south on the town Baunatal ( district of Kassel ), the community Edermünde and the city Niedenstein (both in the Schwalm -Eder -Kreis), and on the west by the municipality of Bad Emstal and the cities Wolf Hagen and Zierenberg (all three in the district of Kassel ).


All districts were in the Middle Ages and long after small Farming villages. With the increasing industry in Kassel during the second half of the 19th century was accompanied by a slow upward trend, which was further aided by the construction of light railway Kassel- Naumburg.

The distance from the Volkswagen Baunatal has contributed significantly to economic growth.


On 1 August 1972, the formerly independent communities Elgershausen and Hoof merged to form the new municipality Look castle. The community Hoof had incorporated the neighboring municipalities of Breitenbach, Elmshagen and Martin Hagen turn on 31 December 1971.

Origin of the name

Owes its name to the municipality of the castle ruins looking castle, which lies to the west and at the hamlet Hoof, where the counts of looking medieval castle ruled over the valley of the Bauna.


In the General Association Schauenburg Protestant churches of Breitenbach, Elgershausen, Hoof and Martin Hagen are organized.

In Elgershausen also is the Catholic branch church of St. Francis of Assisi to find and it is possible in the worship of the Catholic parishes of Baunatal and Kassel- Oberzwehren participate.

Besides the two main churches you can still find the New Apostolic Church Look Castle, the Turkish-Islamic community and the Jehovah's Witnesses.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


  • Ursula Gimmler, since 2005. In the runoff election on 10 April 2011, the previous incumbent was re-elected with 52.18 percent.


Look Castle is a partner town of:

  • Czech Republic Semily ( German Semil ) in the Czech Republic since 1997

Public institutions

The community maintains a district or in any two devices can be carried out in all kinds of events.

In addition to 3 village communal houses, 5 volunteer fire services, community libraries, youth clubs and Grill 4 and 5 sports courts, there is the castle hall look in Hoof and the Elger house and Goldberg Hall in Elgershausen.


  • AWO Schauenburg
  • Volunteer Fire Schauenburg
  • Historical Society Schauenburg
  • HSG Hoof Sand Wolf Hagen
  • Kleingärtner club Hoof e.V., since 1977
  • Musikverein Elgershausen, since 1905
  • Turnverein Hoof, since 1891
  • Gewerbeverein Schauenburg


  • Johann -Friedrich- Krause- school, elementary school in the district of Breitenbach
  • Primary school Hoof, primary school in the district Hoof
  • Primary school Elgershausen, primary school in the district Elgershausen


  • Mario Kotaska (born 1973 ), star chef
  • Ralf Salzmann ( born 1955 ), Olympic athlete
  • Albert Schindehütte ( b. 1939 ), artist
  • Johann Friedrich Krause ( * 1747, † 1828), Dragon Awakened Master, contributors to the Grimm's fairy tale collection
  • Marie Hassenpflug, born v. Dalwig (* 1788, † n / a), Demoiselle, Beiträgerin to Grimm's fairy tale collection