Schempp-Hirth Discus

The Schempp- Hirth Discus was brought by Schempp -Hirth in 1984 as a successor to the standard class sailplane Standard Cirrus on the market. Despite his performance, which he proved with several world titles, the Discus is capable of smooth flying characteristics for the club operating or even the first plastic single-seater in training.

The hull of the Discus is taken over by Ventus; the Discus -a- hull variant is provided for pilots up to a height of 175 cm, the variant Discus b for larger pilots. The surfaces have been completely redeveloped. A special feature of this is its repeatedly swept leading edge.

The Discus has automatic rudder and flaps connections. The airbrakes are running double-decker and very effective. By Water ballast wing loading can be increased up to 50 kg / m².

After the introduction of the successor model Discus Discus 2 continues as Discus CS in Chocen (Czech Republic ) is produced. The Discus 2b is used by the United States Air Force Academy under the designation TG -15B in national soaring competitions.