Schempp-Hirth SHK

The Schempp- Hirth SHK is a glider in timber construction.

Through the collaboration of Klaus Holighaus created by Schempp -Hirth Standard Austria from the south, a new type, SHK, which had an even greater performance margin and impeccable flight characteristics. The performance was mainly due to an increase in the span of 17 m (while maintaining the proven profile "E -266 " ), thus achieving an improvement of the aspect ratio of 21% to 20.2. In addition, the aileron differential was changed to 1:3 and the ailerons extended analogous to span magnification outward so that they now reach over 55 percent of the span. The opening angle of the V- tailplane changed from 100 ° to 92 °, and the tail has been somewhat enlarged. The SHK, since 1965 regarding the series, immediately proved itself in the world rankings: 1965 finished Seff Kunz at the Soaring World Cup in South Cerney (England) in the open class an excellent third place behind a " Foka 4" and a "D -36 ". further successes in 1966 in the DM 2nd place and each of the 1st place in the National Championships in England, Italy and Switzerland. probably the last appearance of SHK in an international competition was the 9th place by Klaus Ohlmann at the European Championships Club Class in 1990 in Denmark.

As 1968 in Kirchheim / Teck in Schempp- Hirth started the plastics era with the Cirrus, production to 59 aircraft has been set. The successor to the standard Austria was the standard Cirrus. SHK is certainly regarding the surface quality of the best gliders in timber construction, it has given.