Schempp-Hirth Ventus

The Schempp- Hirth Ventus (Latin for wind ) is a single-seat high performance glider with parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. He was by Schempp -Hirth in Kirchheim ( Teck ) designed in 1980 for the 15 - m- class and marketed as the successor to the Mini - Nimbus on the market.

The hull of this Ventus was available in two versions: the narrow Ventus -a and -b Ventus for larger pilots. With this aircraft several world championships were won in the 1980s. The wingspan was increased in future versions 16.6 to 17.6 m. There was also motorized versions, both with Turbo Engine ( Ventus cT ) as well as self- starter ( Ventus cM ).

The successor Ventus -2 is also available with a narrow ( -2a ) and a wider fuselage ( 2b ).

Similar to the original Ventus are also the majority of the built copies B versions, since the A - hull for normal construction Central Europeans is already very tight and so because of its smaller air resistance is only of interest for competition pilots ( who take the lack of comfort of the deal ).

A characteristic feature is the wing with the known from the Discus repeatedly swept leading edge. Even with the Ventus -2 was flown a number of victories in the European and World Championships.

The current model Ventus- 2cx got a new outer wing and an adapted also for the 18 - m- class tail. All Ventus- 2c models are available with both 15 m or 18 m span and with homecoming aid or as a self- starter with 18 m span.

The glider - index of the different versions ranging from 112 to 119


( 20.5 hp)

(51 PS)