The Schiffenensee is located in the Swiss canton of Fribourg. The districts lake, Sense and Sarine bordering the lake. In Granges- Paccot the A12 motorway crosses the dam. One kilometer southeast is still the Grandfey Viaduct, a railway bridge that also crosses the narrow lake.


Was completed, the dam Schiffenen in 1963.

The foundation stone for the construction of the dam Schiffenen was laid in 1959. The rising demand for electricity caused the FEW ( Fribourg Region Electricity, today Groupe E), to launch a study on the construction of a new hydroelectric power plant on the River Sarine in order.

It was tested in two ways:

  • To leave the Sarine in the old river bed
  • Redirect the Sarine in Murten

A detour into the lake of Murten would have had impact over the Canton of Fribourg addition. The FEW were not happy with the projects submitted and they gave another office commissioned to revise the studies again. There were then explains various ways. The projects demonstrated in:

  • Two gravity dams in the area Pensier
  • Five arch dams in Schiffenen

The solution Schiffenen promised a larger reservoir than the other proposals. The advantages for Schiffenen were:

  • The power station could be created at the foot of the wall
  • It had to be built no cleats
  • No conflicts with the neighbors Bern
  • The FEW alone could carry out the construction.

The decision was therefore felled for the construction of an arch dam in Schiffenen. The Grand Council of the Canton of Freiburg approved the project at its meetings on 20 and 24 November 1959.

Technical data of the dam

Storage volume: 65 million m³


For the name of the new lake were at least 15 proposals under discussion. The final designation by the State Council Freiburg was in 1964 according to a report by the Freiburg German professor Edward Studer.