Schiller (band)

Schiller is a global pop and ambient project. It was named after the German poet Friedrich Schiller.


1998 Schiller was founded in Hamburg by Christopher Deylen and Mirko von Schlieffen as club - oriented music project to life. The first single was called chime.

Since the debut album Zeitgeist, the style can, however, be described as softer, melody emphasized electronic music that is accompanied often with partly philosophically tinged texts by well-known voice actors (Benjamin Völz, Franziska Pigulla, Hans Paetsch and Oliver Rohrbeck ).

In 2000 took Deylen a break and traveled with his father from London to Beijing. The impressions and experiences have been processed in the album world tour, which debuted at No. 1 on the national charts. This included the piece Dream of You by Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim.

In the spring of 2002 moved to Berlin Deylen and taught in Friedrichshain a new studio a.

In July 2003, separated from Deylen and von Schlieffen, since results of the project Deylen Schiller on alone. In the same year appeared the third Schiller album, again with a very simple but profound life title. Just as with the previous album had again with a number of guest musicians. These included again Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim, but also Anke Hachfeld ( Milù ) Mila Mar, Kim Sanders and Alexander Veljanov of your minions. However, the star guest was Sarah Brightman, which contributed the vocals of The Smile. The sung by her title was performed live at a concert in Berlin's Schiller KulturBrauerei and recorded on video.

Was accompanied the album Life of a two-part tour Live erLeben, the first tour since the inception of the project. These concerts should therefore be special because no pure electronic tracks were played. Christopher Deylen was assisted by a band that should give each piece a new note. The band consisted of Gary Wallis on drums ( who has also played as a session drummer for Pink Floyd ), Mickey Meinert on guitars, Tissy Thiers on bass and Christoph Papendieck to the synthesizers (who once as a musical director for Jean Michel Jarre acted, as this big concert at the pyramids of Egypt were ).

Since 2004 works Deylen together with Harald Blüchel as " Blüchel and Deylen ". This year published two albums of the two. The first was Bi Polar - a symbiosis of modern classical music and electronic sounds. The second, Mare Stellaris, appeared due to a request of the German news magazine " Stern". Blüchel and Deylen were asked to compose a soundtrack to a documentary about the universe.

In October 2005 the fourth album Schiller day and night appeared. Among other things, the following guest musicians are: Kim Sanders, Jette von Roth, Moya Brennan of the Irish band Clannad, Tarja Turunen ( ex- Nightwish frontwoman ), Gary Wallis and Thomas D (Rapper of the Fantastic Four ). Special guest Mike Oldfield was won that accompanies a piece with his guitar.

Monuments Publications, the publishing house of the German Foundation for Monument Protection, published in November 2005 under the title A Future for the Michel a new CD in collaboration with Schiller Moya Brennan. The net proceeds of this CD is the preservation of churches from decay, including the St. Michaelis Church in Hamburg, called "Hamburger Michel ".

From 27 April 2006 to 13 May 2006, the second tour took place with a slightly modified cast. So were replaced before the tour starts Gary Wallis and Christoph Papendieck by Ralf Gustke and Christian Kretschmar. Another new member Cliff Hewitt came on electronic drums to it. Guests Kim Sanders and Peter Heppner were there again. As a new live score, the fans Jette von Roth and Thomas D could welcome. For the first time in the history of Schiller concerts were held outside Germany.

On May 27, 2006, there were in Berlin on Bebelplatz a very special Schiller event: the 150th anniversary of the death of Heinrich Heine Schiller occurred together with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra. On this occasion, Christopher Deylen had two new songs composed, to those quoted Jette von Roth texts by Heine. Fans from across Germany traveled to Berlin for this event.

On 1 August 2006, they played in front of 25,000 spectators Schiller in Athens on an open -air festival with the band Depeche Mode. On 14 September the same year followed an appearance at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai. For this appearance Christopher Deylen was accompanied by his live band, as guests were Kim Sanders, Jette von Roth and Peter Heppner there.

In mid-November of the year 2006, a live DVD of the day and night tour. The DVD is titled Daydream and contains a 120 -minute concert recording also much additional material, five new titles, a documentary about the concert in Athens as well as various music videos from the album day and night.

Other concerts took place between April and July 2007 in Europe, including in Tirana and Kiev, here at the invitation of the Goethe Institute.

On 22 February 2008, the fifth studio album was released, entitled Longing, the firm was the same even before the creation. The album includes 30 tracks and has next to Jette von Roth and Kim Sanders a number of new guest artists such as Xavier Naidoo, Klaus Schulze, Ben Becker, Anna Maria Mühe, Ana Torroja ( ex Mecano ), Despina Vandi, Isis Gee, Jael and other performers. In Germany it reached in early March No. 1 on the album charts.

Together with the Chinese pianist Lang Lang Christopher produced the title Time for Dreams, which appeared on Lang's new album. Both played the title for the first time live at the Floating Stage in June 2008. The title was best known as the theme song during the ZDF - reporting at the Summer Olympic Games in 2008.

Mid-2008 Deylen worked together with the American singer Colbie Caillat and produced with her ​​single You, which on the fourth variant of Schiller album Sehnsucht was released and was also released in October 2008 as a single.

On 12 March 2010 the sixth studio album was released Breathless in which he partially processed his impressions from the expedition to the Arctic. For example, the song came Polarstern, which was after the research ship on which he was traveling, named. Musical guests are other Lenka, Midge Ure, Kate Havnevik and Jaki Liebezeit.

The album released on October 5, 2012 Sun was released in several versions. The Super Deluxe Edition contains not only a signed canvas a ticket for the first played by Schiller warm-up concert in Dortmund FZW. The warm-up concert, which was given a week before the actual tour start, included already known but also new, latest songs from the Sun album.

On August 30, 2013, the album was released opus, which involved not only the German oboist Albrecht Mayer, the French pianist Hélène Grimaud and the Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko. Again, a limited edition Ultra Deluxe Edition was released with 4 CDs and a signed canvas (50 x 50 cm).


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Studio albums


  • Echo 2001: for Dance / Techno artist / group in or National ( together with Peter Heppner )
  • 2002: for the Album World Tour
  • DVD Champion 2004: in the category Music for Life DVD
  • Opus Award 2007: for Best Sound Design of a Live Show 2006