Schleswig Geest

The Schleswigsche Geest is the northern part of running from north to south middle back of Schleswig- Holstein. In the West, the Geest bordering the North Frisian march and on the east by the Schleswig -Holstein 's hill country landscape fishing. In the south the Schleswigsche Geest goes into the Eider- Treene Lowland.

The Geest is in addition to the march and the hill country one of the three types of landscape in Schleswig -Holstein dar. your sandy soil differs from the fertile soils of the marsh and the hill country. The Schleswigsche Geest was inhabited from the 6th century by the Danes and the Jutes. The Ancient Road was one of the main roads of the northern European region by the Schleswigsche Geest. This Geest back was the most suitable for a north- south route landscape section. While the march was too soft and too moist for highways of cattle and army transportation, the fishing area was too hilly.