Schlitz, Hesse

Slot is a small town in the Vogelsberg district, in Hesse.

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Geographical Location

The city lies on the River slot slot just before its confluence with the Fulda. By area, it is with 142.09 km ² is the third largest city in Hesse in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

Neighboring communities

Slot is bordered to the north by the municipalities of Breitenbach and low- Aula (both in Hersfeld -Rotenburg ), to the east by the municipalities Haunetal (Landkreis Hersfeld -Rotenburg ) and Burghaun and the city Hünfeld (both in Fulda), in the southeast of the city of Fulda ( district Fulda), to the south by the municipalities Grossenlueder and Bad Salzschlirf (both in Fulda), in the northwest of the city Grebenau, on the southwest by the municipality of Wartenberg and in the west of the county town of Lauterbach (all three Vogelsberg ).


Slot is divided into the following districts: Bern Hausen, Fraurombach, Hartershausen, Hemmen, Hutzdorf, low -Stoll, top Wegfurth, Pfordt, mercury, Rimbach, Sandlofs, urban areas slot Üllershausen, Ützhausen, sub - black, sub - Wegfurth and Willofs.

According to the census of 1840 slot itself had 3135 residents in 549 residential buildings.



The name slot was first documented in 812. Through the five castles of the city slot is known about Hesse addition and is therefore also known as Romantic castle town of Schlitz.

A special feature is the so-called Castle Ring - the downtown area of ​​the city slot lying on a hill, with its collection of castles, towers, manor houses, the town church and many half-timbered houses is a well-preserved historic ensemble closed. Because of the castle ring and the scenic location of the city slot was called in ancient times as the " Hessian Rothenburg ".

The Lords of slot had built in the Middle Ages a rule in Lehnsabhängigkeit the abbey of Fulda, from 1404 they called themselves by slot called by Goertz ( in documents also: Gurz or Gorizia ). After the Reformation in 1546, as a result of the Thirty Years' War, however, they broke from Fulda. In 1677 they were barons and 1726 Imperial Count.

1806 was the sovereignty of the rule slot in the course of formation of the Confederation of the Rhine and the mediatization of the Counts of slot on the newly formed Grand Duchy of Hesse. As a result, the rule slot was a Hessian caste domination, which included beside the city slot 16 villages.

A significant craft branch formed by the middle of the 19th century linen mill, in 1823 176 weavers were counted.

See also Niederbolheim slot


Hutzdorf heard since January 1, 1969 slot. On December 31, 1971, the formerly independent communities Bernhausen, Fraurombach, inhibiting, low -Stoll, top Wegfurth, pForth, mercury, Rimbach, Sandlofs, Üllershausen, Ützhausen, Unterwegfurth and Willofs were incorporated. On August 1, 1972 Hartershausen and sub ​​- black were added.

Population Development




  • Ev. City Church (formerly St. Margaret ), dedicated 812
  • Vorderburg
  • Hinterburg
  • Behind the tower ( 36m high) with dome lift by lift during Advent: largest "candle" in the world. Here, the rear tower is wrapped in a red silk handkerchief and put a candle tip of several hundreds of light bulbs, which is visible from afar.
  • Shaft castle
  • Otto castle
  • Marktbrunnen
  • Town hall
  • Grouse Brewery
  • Slasher Kornbrennerei
  • Castle Seeburg ( when Hartershausen district )
  • Catholic Parish Church of Christ the King
  • Sand Church on the städt cemetery, 1612
  • Castle Hall Castle
  • Niederbolheim slot

River station slot

From 1951 to 2006, the river station slot slot was located, a working group of the Max Planck Institute for Limnology, that explores the ecology of Breitenbach in the two nature reserves Breitenbach and wide corner. The Breitenbach was. Due to a large number of studies and publications is one of the most researched and documented rivers of the world In 2006, this research station was closed with the retirement of the scientific director of the Max Planck Society.


City Council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:

  • CDU: 14
  • SPD: 12
  • BLS Template: Election chart / Maintenance / Name: 3
  • FDP: 2


Mayor of the district slot Thomas Landgraf (April 2012).


Town twinning is available with the following cities:

  • Bogyiszló Hungary, Hungary



Local sports clubs include the TSG- slot FSV Pfordt and SV mercury.

Associations (cultural )

Leisure and sports facilities

The city has an outdoor pool, a campground and a three-field sports hall. In Pfordt district is home to two lakes.

By slot running the following cycle routes:

  • The elongated volcano bike path that leads to Lauterbach on the former route of the bird mountain railway of the Old City in the Wetterau and was later extended to the slot.
  • The volcano bike path is now part of the railway cycle path Hesse, who leads about 250 km from Hanau on disused railway lines through the Vogelsberg and Rhön.
  • The Hessian Radfernweg R7 connects Werra and Taunus over the Vogelsberg.
  • Until the Fulda valley there are still two kilometers on the R7, where the Hessian Radfernweg R1 ( Fulda Cycle Route ) and the D- Route 9 (Weser - Romantic Road ) run. The R1 performs more than 250 km from the heights of the Rhön along the Fulda to Bad Karl port on the river Weser. The D- Route 9 runs from the North Sea via Bremen, Kassel, Fulda and the Tauber Valley to Füssen in the Allgäu ( 1197 km ).

Regular events

  • The Schlitzerländer costume festival always takes place in odd numbered years on the second weekend in July.
  • The Slasher Altbier feast, which always takes place in the even years in July.
  • The Schlitzerländer Christmas market. For this purpose, the rear tower is transformed by decorations in a " red candle ."
  • The Slasher Rünkelrübenfest where the whole town is decorated with beets.

Economy and infrastructure

Local businesses


Slot is accessible for long-distance traffic on the A7 at the exit Hünfeld / slot. Nearby are the towns of Fulda and Lauterbach.

Public institutions

Lending library, music school, community center, swimming pool


In slot is located:

  • Hessian Academy for cultural education gGmbH (State Academy of Music) in Hall Castle.
  • Comprehensive school Schlitzerland
  • Dieffenbachschule ( primary school )


Sons and daughters of the town

In chronological order by year of birth

  • Friedrich Wilhelm von Schlitz (1647-1728), Privy Councillor and President of Chamber
  • Heinrich Schäfer (1794-1869), historian
  • Georg Christian Dieffenbach (1822-1901), priest and poet
  • Süffert Ernst (1863-1933), jurist, President of the Audit Office and the Hessian Administrative Court
  • Niepoth Friedrich (1888-1963), mayor of slot and Member of Parliament ( DVP )
  • Jost Trier (1894-1970), Altgermanist
  • Bianca Döring (* 1957), writer, musician and painter
  • Volker Jung ( theologian ) ( born 1960 ), Church President of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau
  • Florian Illies (* 1971), journalist, writer, who grew up in the slot and in his book local call the German country life describes the example of his hometown.

Other personalities

In chronological order by year of birth

  • Cyriacus Spangenberg (1528-1604), Protestant theologian, hymn writer and historian. War of 1581-1595 pastor in slot.
  • Gudrun Pausewang ( b. 1928 ), author, lived in the city since 1972. Your successful books The cloud and the last children of Schewe Born play part in slot.