A Choralschola (Latin: Schola Cantorum " singers school ") is a choir singing the unanimous Gregorian chant in the liturgy. Often there is a Choralschola only from men, but there are also mixed and occupied only with women Choralscholen. Usually sung in liturgical clothing, for example, in black cassock and white rochet.

In this case, the Ordinary, which are usually sung parts of the Mass that always remain the same throughout the church year, alternating between the Choralschola and the community. Some part of the Proper, ie the parts of the Mass which change depending on the day of the liturgical year and the occasion of the exhibition, are usually antiphonarisch, ie sung in alternation between one or more cantors and the Schola ( so Introit Psalm, Graduale, sequence, Gospel Acclamation and communion with Psalm ). It is also possible that two groups of the Schola sing alternately. Other parts of the Ordinary are sung by the whole Schola, as tract and Offertory

Originally sang Choralscholen a cappella. Since the Gregorian chant, however, is no longer as prevalent as before the Second Vatican Council, the Ordinary frequently is at least accompanied by an organ, in particular to support the singing of the congregation.

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