School of Visual Arts

The School of Visual Arts ( SVA) is an art school in New York and one of the leading private colleges for art and design in the United States.

The school was designed by Silas Rhodes and Burne Hogarth ( the illustrator of Tarzan comics) as " Cartoonists and Illustrators School " founded in 1947 with three teachers and 35 students. In 1955 she received her current name.

The SVA offers bachelor's degrees, and has since 1983 a Master of Fine Arts program (MFA ), for advertising graphics, animation, drawing, computer art, film and video, fine arts, graphic design, illustration, interior design, photography, painting, drawing and sculpture, art education, art criticism, art therapy, design, digital photography, documentary film and video, and related media. In 1986 it was the first college in the U.S., the MFA a offered in computer art. The school now has 690 teachers and 6500 students. It is the largest independent art school in the United States. Among the well-known former students include the artist Joseph Kosuth, Gerard Way, Keith Haring, Jared Leto and Maria Lassnig.