School Rumble

School Rumble (Japaneseスクール ランブルSukuru Ramburu ) is a manga series by the Japanese illustrator Jin Kobayashi, who has also been implemented as an anime series.


School Rumble is about the heartache and pain Affairs of Japanese students. The focus is on Tenma Tsukamoto lively.




School Rumble was released on 22 October 2002 ( Issue 47 /2002) to 23 July 2008 ( Issue 34 /2008) in individual chapters in the manga magazine Shōnen Magazine of the Kodansha publishing house. In addition, published on 20 January 2003 ( issued February 2003) until April 20, 2008 ( issued May 2008) Magazine Magazine Special of the same publishing more special chapter subplots. All the chapters have been summarized ( tankōbon ) in 22 anthologies. From 20 August 2008 ( September 2008 issue ) to 20 May 2009 (Issue June 2009) appeared in the sequel Magazine Special School Rumble Z whose chapters were summarized on June 17, 2009 in an anthology.

In German published from School Rumble 18 volumes from November 2005 to February 2009 at Tokyopop. The publication was finally discontinued in 2009, as the Japanese publisher has finished working with Tokyopop. The manga was continued from December 2009 to September 2010 by Egmont Manga and Anime and published in full until Volume 22.


Studio Comet produced the manga a 26-part anime series, which aired on 5 October 2004 to 29 March 2005 on the Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo. On 22 December 2005 appeared the two-part OVA School Rumble OVA: Ichigakki Hoshu (スクール ランブルOVA一 学期 补习, dt " School Rumble OVA: tutoring in the first trimester). From 2nd April 2006 to September 24, 2006 ran on TV Tokyo, the 26-part series School Rumble: Nigakki (スクール ランブル 二 学期, dt " School Rumble: 2nd trimester "). On 17 July 2008 the first part of the OVA School Rumble appeared: Sangakki (スクール ランブル 三 学期, dt " School Rumble: 3rd trimester "). A second part was announced on 17 September 2008.

The episodes usually consist of three more or less a juxtaposition of chapters, which also reflected by the respective 3-part episode title. An exception is the last episode of the first series with the Tokuzen no " Sayonara " ... Mayoi Konda maze ... Anata wa dare? ... Oshiete. " Sure Chigai " " Kata Omoi " todoke, Boku no Kimochi. Todoke, Watashi no Omoi. Tabun Ichido Shikanai Kisetsu, Seishun no 1 Page. Kore ga Saigo no chance Tashikametai ... Kimi no Kimochi. Tsutawaru Kotoba, Tsutawaranai Omoi. Ano Hi Kokuhaku, Eien no Ichinichi, dakedo ... Itsu Made mo Tsuzuite Iku, Watashi - tachi no " Ima ". Soshite Ashita e ... " School Rumble Forever" (突然の「さよなら」…迷い込んだラビリンス…あなたはだれ?…教えて。「すれちがい」「片想い」とどけ、ボクの気持ち。とどけ、ワタシの想い。たぶん一度しかない季節、青春の1ページ。これが最後のチャンス、確かめたい…キミの気持ち。伝わる言葉、伝わらない想い。あの日の告白、永遠の一日、だけど…いつまでも続いていく、わたしたちの「いま」。そして明日へ…「スクールランブルフォーエバー」) has an unusually long title, while short in return the title of the last episode of the second series. is.

The first series and the first OVA appears on German from February 2006 at TOKYOPOP on DVD and aired between 5 June and 29 October, 2007 on Animax Germany.


The first series used as biasing Song Scramble (スクランブル) by Yui Horie with UNSCANDAL. Episode 25 Umi no Otoko wa used but yo (海 の 男 は よ, dt "I am a man of the sea !") From Kikokumaru Shōnen Gasshōdan (鬼哭 丸 少年 合唱 団, dt " Kikokumaru - boys choir " ), after the ship Kikokumaru on the Kenji Harima works briefly. The end credits song Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko ♡ (オンナ の コ ♡ オトコ の コ, dt " girls, boys " ) was sung by Yuko Ogura. However, episode 18 used Hatenkō Robo Dojibiron no Theme (破天荒 ロボドジビロン の テーマ) by Juzo Namba, Episode 25 Scramble, Episode 26 School Rumble 4 ever by the voice actresses Ami Koshimizu, Hitomi Nabatame, Kaori Shimizu, and Yui Horie of the 4 main heroines of the 2 - C. As interludes was in Episode 4 Koi no Kimochi (恋 のKimochi, dt " feeling of love " ) of Mio Saeki, in Episode 8 Feel my feeling of Yui Horie, in Kimi e Episode 10 - Kaze ni Nosete (君 へ~风 に のせ て~, dt " to you - Born With the Wind " ) by Hiroki Takahashi, in Episode 15 Amai Yume (アマイユメ, dt " sweet dream " ) from unicorn table and in Episode 25 Ginga Ensen '05 (银河 沿线 '05, dt used " on the galaxy distance '05 " ) by Hiroki Takahashi.

The OVA School Rumble OVA: Ichigakki Hoshu used as biasing song also Scramble. The first episode used Ginga Ensen '05 by Hiroki Takahashi and Second Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko ♡ as the credits song.

The second series School Rumble: Nigakki used Sentimental Generation (せんちめんたる じぇねれーしょん, Senchimentaru Jenerēshon ) of Ami Tokito as biasing song. As the credits song was until episode 16, with the exception of episode 13, Kono Namida ga Aru Kara Tsugi no Ippo to Naru (この 涙 が ある から 次 の 一 歩 と なる, dt " Because of this tear, the next step is " ) by Ami Tokito, for episode 13, the instrumental piece the Last Candle and from episode 17 Futari wa Wasurechau (二 人 は 忘れ ちゃう, dt " We both forgot it " ) of the Tsukamoto Shimai (冢 本 姊妹, dt " Tsukamoto sisters" ), ie Ami Koshimizu and Mamiko Noto, used. Both sung by Ami Tokito songs were composed by Tsunku and texted and appeared together on a single the place reached 23 on the Oricon charts. Were as interludes in Episode 2 and 6 Crossing Over and feel like a girl by Lia, in Episode 4 17 's Heart of Mio Saeki, in Episode 5 Crossing Over by Lia and Closer by unicorn table, The, Episode 7 super girl has the super heart of Hitomi Nabatame and Boy by Kaori Shimizu, used in Episode 15 Umi no Otoko wa yo from Kikokumaru Shōnen Gasshōdan, in Episode 20 Hatenkō Robo Dojibiron no Theme by Juzo Namba and in Episode 21 Love & Peace by Mayumi Gojo.

The OVA School Rumble: Sangakki used as biasing song again scramble and for the credits of the first episode Onna no Ko ♡ Otoko no Ko ( Tsukamoto Shimai ver [ sion ] ) (オンナ の コ ♡ オトコ の コ(冢 本 姊妹ver) ) of the Tsukamoto sisters.


Background information

" Tenma " and " Tsukamoto " ( reputation and surname of the main character ) are the names of railway stations near Osaka.

For chapters published in Shōnen Magazine the number is preceded the music sign " ♯ " (cross), with chapters in magazines Special character " ♭ " (b).

The title of each chapter are references to American movies and television series such as Easy Rider, Deep Space Nine, You Got Mail, speed or Rain Man.