Schwalmtal, Hesse

Schwalmtal is a municipality in the Vogelsberg in Hesse, Germany.

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Schwalmtal is located at the headwaters of the Schwalm on the northern edge of the Vogelsberg.

Neighboring communities

The municipality is bordered to the north by the city of Alsfeld and the city Grebenau, in the east on the town of Lauterbach, in the south on the community Lauter, and in the west on the community and the city Feldatal Romrod.

Community structure

The community Schwalmtal consists of nine districts:

  • Brauerschwend
  • Hergersdorf
  • Hopfgarten
  • Upper -Care
  • Rainrod
  • Renz village ( council offices )
  • Storndorf
  • Sub -Care
  • Vadenrod

Storndorf and Brauerschwend are the two largest districts.


On December 31, 1971, the municipality was Schwalmtal sub -Care and Vadenrod newly formed by the merger of the previously independent municipalities Brauerschwend, Hopfgarten, Upper -Care, Rainrod, Renz village, Storndorf.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:

Since 1 July 2012, Timo Georg Mayor of Schwalmtal. He sat down in the mayoral election on 11 March 2012, 56.3 % of the vote against two rival candidates through. The previous mayor Jürgen Adam (SPD ) had waived after 18 years in office, on a bid again.

Economy and Transport

The districts Brauerschwend and Storndorf have both a primary school, a kindergarten and a grocery store. Furthermore, there is in both a butcher and branches of the Savings Bank Oberhessen / VR-Bank. The main industrial area of the municipality is located in Storndorf. Also, is the county landfill, which is managed by the CAM, within the boundaries of the municipality. In the district there are two Rainrod Joiner ( Adolf Dickel and Erwin Welker ) and the well-known beyond the region Grayish restaurant. In Hergersdorf is an insurance agency headquartered in Alsfeld ( Anita Müller- Dippel, LVM insurance)

In Renz village there is a branch of the bakery Karl, which has its headquarters in Storndorf. In Brauerschwend and in Storndorf will find one general medical practice as well as one dental practice.


Through the municipal area the federal highway 254 which leads from Alsfeld to Fulda Lauterbach runs. A few years ago, the route to the by pass was changed.

The Renz village station was, until December 2011 breakpoint of the bird mountain railway.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Karl Wahl ( born March 30, 1896 in Vadenrod, † April 22, 1962 in Alsfeld ), Hessian Landtag (NSDAP ).

Individuals with regard to the municipality

  • Hans Döring (1901-1970), Hessian Landtag and German Reichstag (NSDAP ) and SS leaders, freight forwarder in Vadenrod.