Schwamendingen Mitte

Schwamendingenstrasse center is a district in the Swiss city of Zurich in Zone 12 ( Schwamendingenstrasse ). With the quarters Hirzenbach and Saatlen Schwamendingenstrasse forms the center city district 12


By 1934 Schwamendingenstrasse was a separate municipality. In the district Schwamendingenstrasse center lies the old village core. Some of the old buildings have been preserved until today.

Local structure

In the north the plain forms the boundary of the district of the municipality of Wallisellenstrasse. The Winterthur, Roswiesen, Stettbachstrasse and Franzosenweg form the border of the district Hirzenbach in the east. In the south, the heavily forested Weibel field at Zurich mountain is the boundary with the Quartier Upper rhinestones. In the northwest the A1 motorway runs and forms the border with the district Schwamendinger Saatlen. In the West, Oerlikon is bordered on the settlement woodland garden to the district. In the district the only pool Auhof the urban district is 12


Private transport

In the north of the district, the A1 motorway runs. The heavily traveled overland, Winterthur and Dübendorferstrasse shape the image of the neighborhood. These main thoroughfares connecting the neighboring towns Wallisellenstrasse, Dübendorf and Oerlikon.

Public transportation

Until 1985 Schwamendingenstrasse was mid- tethered only by the bus numbers 62, 64, 72 and 79 to the public transport network. Although the Schwamendinger voters rejected the tram project at the ballot box, it was realized; started its operation on 1 February 1986. The construction of the tunnel between Milchbuck and Schwamendingerplatz changed the townscape of the neighborhood strong.