Schwanden bei Brienz

Disappeared in Brienz

( Officially until 1911 called Schwanden ) disappeared at Brienz is a municipality in the Interlaken- Oberhasli administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.


Schwanden is a clearing name that has been transferred to the settlement. The name goes back to the Swiss German Schwandstrasse ( Hau, clear cutting, deforestation ). The addition " in Brienz " in 1911 to better distinguish introduced from the same localities such as Schwanden. The first historical mention in documents, in 1524, with the Leyenn zendenn to Schwanden.


Schwanden bei Brienz in the Bernese Oberland lies south of Lake Brienz Rothornes. The neighboring communities of north clockwise are starting Giswil, Brienz, Brienz and Fluhli. The Brienz Rothorn forms the natural border between the Bernese Oberland and central Switzerland.

The village consists of the geographically slightly displaced parts Oberschwanden, Unterschwanden and Glyssen.

The three streams Glyssibach, Schwander Bach and Lammbach flow through the village and lead shortly afterwards in Lake Brienz. In the past, the torrents frequently suffering and calamity brought upon the village. To minimize the risk of extensive barriers are created. The three streams and the Brienz Rothorn are symbolically represented in the coat of arms.


Mayor of the municipality is Heinz Egli (as of 2013).