Schwarzach im Pongau

  • SPÖ: 16
  • ÖVP: 3
  • FPÖ: 2

Schwarzach im Pongau is a market town with 3542 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in Austria in the district of St. Johann im Pongau in Salzburg.


The place is in Pongauer Salzach Valley and is surrounded by the parishes of St. Veit and Goldegg. By Schwarzach the Salzach flows. The highest point in the municipality is situated at 760 m above sea level. A., the lowest at 590 m above sea level. A.


Compared to the Celtic- Roman settlement of Goldegg located in the municipality of Schwarzach on the south side of the Salzach valley a steeply sloping rock height, Brandstättenbühel. On this plateau artificial surfaces were observed for a residential hilltop settlement. During archaeological investigations of the site in 1957, a two-time settlement period could be determined. The first phase ( 1300-800 BC) to be dated in the urn field culture, earthen oven nozzle ( mouths of bellows pipes ) and copper slag prove a connection to copper mining and smelting. After a break, the next settlement finds of the early La Tène period are ( 480-280 BCE) to assign. Graphittongefäße, mainly in bucket shape with finger dots ornaments are the dominant objects found. The mean Latèneperiode (280 to 190 BC ) is datable only with some ceramic breakage finds, later no more objects are detected. An end to the settlements is therefore to adopt for about 100 BC. The objects are stored in the Salzburg Museum.

The town was first mentioned in 1074. Schwarzach was separated in 1906 from Saint Vitus and levied as own village in 1908, a market town, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in June 2006.

Culture and sights

  • Castle Schernberg

Coat of arms

The municipal coat of arms is: Argent, a black Schrägrechtsfluß, the above is of a golden crown from which a red dragon's head grows, and accompanied by a blue St. Benedict below.

The Black River is the black Ache ( today's plaster ditch ) dar. The dragon with the crown reminiscent of the family of the Count ( f) of the shear mountain and the blue cross to the Benedictine Order, which is represented for a long time in Schwarzach.


The SV Schwarzach Nordic ( Alpine & Ski ) is one of the best clubs in Austria. With athletes like Stefan Kraft, Paul Gerstgraser the SV Schwarzach can welcome domestic and international successes.

Economy and infrastructure

The place Schwarzach im Pongau is an important railway junction of Western Railway and the beginning here Tauernbahn. Due to the convenient traffic and especially through the establishment of the Tauern Railway was the place to a substantial settlement area of the middle Salzach valley.

Among the major employers of the embossed mainly through trade and commercial enterprises resort include Tauernkraftwerke AG, Color Drack (one of the advanced photo - large laboratories in Europe) and the Salzburger Aluminium AG (SAG ) and the Cardinal Schwarzenberg Hospital, the second largest hospital in the federal state of Salzburg. In early 2009, this hospital is famous for having that Dieter Althaus, Prime Minister of the Free State of Thuringia, was admitted seriously injured after a skiing accident in the ski area Riesneralp.

In the village is also founded in 1847 by Prince Archbishop Cardinal Schwarzenberg brewery Schwarzach who was eleven generations privately owned by the Seeber family. Under the brand names " Tauern gold ", " cools " and " Claro ", the brewery produced several well-known beer, bikers and lemonade places. However, end of January 2008, the operation had to be sold and the production of " Tauerngold " has been set.

The center is built on relatively dense. In addition to several small shops and inns, the townscape is dominated by the Vicariate church and the hospital. Slightly above Schwarzach is the castle Schernberg, once home to the Archbishop's brewery, where is now with the St. Vincent - home Schernberg a hospital and almshouse.

The Municipal Office of the so-called salt tasty table can be found.

Schwarzach im Pongau in the Mirror of Literature

Schwarzach im Pongau plays in several works of Austrian literature play a role, for example in Thomas Bernhard's first published novel Frost ( Insel Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 1963). A precursor of Frost was entitled " Schwarzach St. Veit ".

More recently Schwarzach was im Pongau again the scene of a novel. The Austrian writer OP ornamental moved large parts of his work close season ( Otto Müller Verlag, Salzburg / Vienna 1996 ) in Schwarzach im Pongau.


Sons and daughters:

  • Helmut Zobl (* 1941), medalist
  • Siegfried Augustin (1946-2011), engineer and scientist Karl -May- expert
  • Adolf Krischanitz ( b. 1946 ), architect
  • Kurt Leitner ( born 1946 ), former football player
  • Margherita Spiluttini ( * 1947 ), Architecture photographer
  • Stefan Obermaier ( born 1981 ), musician
  • Andrea Fischbacher ( born 1985 ), alpine skier
  • Herbert Rettensteiner ( born 1946 ), former goalkeeper
  • Michaela Kirchgasser (* 1985), alpine skier
  • Marco Salvatore ( born 1986 ), football player
  • O. P. ornamental (* 1954), writer
  • Stefan Kraft (* 1993), ski jumpers