Schwarzbach (Emscher)

Mouth of the canalized Schwarzbach in the Emscher

It rises in food Schonnebeck in Hi Park between the Sportpark Am Hallo and the cemetery on Hello, all named after the wooded hill that feeds the small spring pool.

The Schwarzenbach first flows briefly south on today's commercial area Friedrich Ernestine along and then along the railway line to the east turn off. At the height of the station Essen-Kray Nord he turns off to the north, flows past the former Zeche Bonifacius and the Mechtenberg, surrounded Gelsenkirchen- Rotthausen east and touches Gelsenkirchen -Neustadt and then turn west. He continues to flow through the Gelsenkirchen city garden and area Nienhausen through in a northwesterly direction through the field marks to Gelsenkirchen - Hessler, under the A42 through and ends at the city limits of Essen- Karnap in the Emscher. Shortly before he is led by a culvert under the Rhine -Herne Canal through.

In the area between good Nienhausen ( a former Oberhof the pin Essen), the heap Zollverein on the western side and the prison Gelsenkirchen on the eastern side of the Schwarzenbach was the historical border between the pin and the County Food Mark.

From the source to the station premises in Essen- Kray Bach is designed close to nature. The next piece under the station area and the settlement next to the colliery Bonifacius he goes underground and emerges only at Schelters bush back to the surface. From then on he proceeds, as in the Emscher itself and many of its tributaries usual channels. The subsidence caused by differences in height same three pumping stations from the first to the colliery Bonifacius, one in Revierpark and the third just before the mouth. As part of the reconstruction of the Emscher system to a natural water system and the Schwarzenbach will be renatured.