Schwebelbach near the regatta course Schleißheim


The Schwebelbach is discharged from the Würm canal just before confluence of Feldmochinger Mühlbach and flows in a northerly direction. After about 2.5 km, close to the regatta course Schleißheim, he crosses the Dachau Schleißheimer - channel, it receives from this additional water.

About 1.6 km to the north leads one of the southeastern Gänsgraben whose water was discharged on the western outskirts of Oberschleißheim from the Dachau Schleißheimer channel. The Schwebelbach, which was a natural drainage of the Dachau moss once, is now largely incorporated into the North Munich channel system. It flows near Ottershausen (municipality Haimhausen ) in the Amper.

Intersection of Schwebelbachs with the Dachau Schleißheimer channel