Schweinau (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

Metro Station Schweinau ( Abbreviation: SC) was opened as a 25 Metro Station of the Nuremberg U- Bahn on 28 January 1984. It is 684 meters from Metro Station High Suffering and 517 meters from the subway station St. Leonhard. Until 27 September 1986, he was the terminus for the U2 and U21. The metro station is named after the 1899 eingemeindeten district of Nuremberg Schweinau in which it lies.


The station is located in the district of Nuremberg Schweinau and extends below the ground in north-south direction under the Schweinauer main road between Holbein and Elisenstraße. Both platform heads lead sunrises from a distributor in basement and from there to the east and west side of the Schweinauer main road. An elevator connects the northern platform head with the road surface.

Building and Architecture

The station building, for which construction began on 4 August 1980, 146 m long, 18 m wide and 13 m deep ( one and a half times the down position). The platform heads were created in an open design and also served as Auffahrschacht for subsequent tunnels. The rest of the station was carried out mining method in New Austrian Tunnelling Method. In the northern mezzanine there are structural preparations for an unrealized pedestrian tunnel to the Nürnberg- Schweinau DB station.

The platform walls are covered with red Spaltriemchen and the cross passages between the platform tubes with aluminum plates.


The station is served by the U2 and U21. There is a stop of bus number 68 and DB - Bahnhof Nürnberg- Schweinau, which is served by the S -Bahn line S4 on the surface. The weekend also runs Night bus N7.