Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue

The Swiss Railway Review (SER ) is a railway journal, which appears in the Lucerne mini rex -Verlag since 1978.

Initially the magazine was published quarterly, issue number in 1981 increased to 5 issues per year and in 1984 to 6 issues per year. Since 1990, a year consists of 11 books, and published monthly, except in August. The August and September edition appear together as a booklet. Some of the pages appear in the sister journals railway Revue International Railway and Austria. Selected articles are also published in the English magazine Railway Update, published every two months. Publisher and editor is Walter von Andrian. The edition of 2008 was about 10,000, half of them as a subscription.

Thematically dedicated to the issue about half Swiss topics; the other half of the reports comes from other European countries, with an emphasis on neighboring countries. Here it is " a broad network of competent correspondents" attests. In it " the work of the railways, the administration, the Federal Office of Transport and industry repeatedly scrutinized. " 'll