Schweizerische Depeschenagentur

The Swiss News Agency AG ( sda ) (French Agence Telegraph and Suisse ( ats ), Italian Agenzia telegrafica svizzera ( ats ) ) is the national news agency of Switzerland.


In the three languages ​​German, French and Italian it spreads around the clock, 365 days per year Information from politics, economy, society and culture.

The widespread sda 2007, nearly 200,000 messages. It is the only full-fledged news agency of Switzerland and employs around 140 people - most of them in the central editorial office in Bern and in 14 regional newsrooms. In addition to almost all Swiss media sda served foreign media and agencies. In addition, it provides companies, authorities and organizations with messages.

Services range from basic services for print media on online and mobile services to selective services for press offices. In addition, the sda created several daily infographics on current issues. For Swiss News Agency is organizing specialized in sports news sports information Si AG.

The sda has its headquarters in Bern and is a public company owned by the Swiss media. Editor in Chief Bernard Maissen.


End of the 19th century dominated in Switzerland two major European news agencies the Swiss market: Havas and Wolff. As an independent exchange of information was not always guaranteed due to this situation, to publishers and editors of the major Swiss newspapers merged in 1894 and founded the news agency. On January 1, 1895, the Agency started service with eight editors.

The only national competition was from 1917 to 1993 the Swiss press ( SMP), which was renamed in 1947 in Swiss Political Correspondence SPK and 1993 their operation was established.

Since February 2010, the Swiss News Agency cooperates with the German Depeschendienst (DDP). This adjusted the own Swiss service he had not acquired until the end of 2009 from the U.S. Associated Press. In order for the sda is the only remaining news agency with national broadcasts.

The Swiss News Agency follows the recommendations of the Swiss Orthographic Conference in spelling.