Schwyz ( [ ʃvi ː ts ], formerly Schwiz; French Schwytz or Schwyz, Italian Svitto, Romansh SVIZ ) is a municipality in the canton of Schwyz, and the district of the same name.


As the name of the village of Schwyz can be explained neither from the Alemannic nor of the Romanesque, it must come from pre-Roman times. A reliable interpretation, however, is not before today.

Chroniclers of the 15th and 16th centuries report the people of Schwyz was migrated at the time of a great famine from the north. The legend tells of Suit ( Swit ) who had defeated his brother Scheijo in the duel and could therefore give the neubesiedelten country's name.

Anno 972 the inhabitants of the valley are mentioned among the myths the first time as " Suittes ".

The community name of Schwyz was transferred early in the whole canton; the canton of Schwyz in Switzerland finally gave her name.


The village square of Schwyz located on 516 m above sea level. M. on the southern slope at the foot of the myths between Lauerzersee and Lake Lucerne.

The community of Schwyz is composed of the districts of Schwyz, Rickenbach, Ibach and Seewen. The village itself is also called Schwyz Schwyz spots. The other three districts are also called branches, that branch of Ibach, branch and branch Seewen Rickenbach. These stores carry, even though they are grown together today, a village-like life of its own, also have their own churches and coat of arms. There are also hamlets, each assigned to one of the districts.


  • Total: 5317.4856 ha Building: 82.7173 ha
  • Courtyards, gardens, facilities: 202.5706 ha
  • Fields, meadows: 1959.0092 ha
  • Riedland: 202.3382 ha
  • Weiden: 979.8214 ha
  • Forest: 1377.2768 ha
  • Weidwald: 52.6501 ha
  • Water: 125.4892 ha
  • Uncultivated area: 188.7288 ha


Schools and Education

The primary level is distributed in the districts of Schwyz. In Schwyz, these are the school buildings Herrngasse and gaps in Seewen the schoolhouse Seerüti and the ileal field in Ibach the schoolhouse Muota and the Christopher and in Rickenbach the schoolhouse myths and the Haggen in Haggenegg. The upper stage takes place centrally in the school building in the district Rubiswil Ibach.

Schwyz canton has its own school district school to college (Swiss German Quorum ) calls.

These Schwyz has a music school and a commercial vocational school.


To be mentioned are well-known companies such as the Victorinox AG, the manufacturer of the Swiss Army Knife, the mall Mythencenter that. Since 1908 also based in Ibach Max Felchlin AG as a manufacturer of Swiss chocolate and other baked goods, as well as the " Schwyzerland Cheese Factory " in Seewen

Sights, culture and traditions

In Schwyz, the Federal Charter Museum is located with the Federal Charter of 1291 and other ancient documents and banners of the old Confederation. The main facade is decorated with a mural of Uri painter Heinrich Danioth.

Richly endowed is the living museum in the Ital - Reding - house. Is also to visit the old house Bethlehem from the time of the founding of Switzerland and the Schwyzer treasure tower.

A counterpoint is the modern Forum of Swiss History. This is where the story is not in the mere contemplation rather than backward, but becomes a living dealing with the past, present and future.

In 1991, with the " myths game " a new approach to the dramatic staging of the foundation of daring. Old customs as the Chlefelen and in the carnival with the rhythmic dance of fools historical " Masch degrees figures » are maintained by " Nüssler » guild.

A major national cultural meeting place is the " myths center ".

The most striking visible marks of Schwyz are the pyramids of rock above the valley: the Big and the Small myths. In particular, the Grosse Mythen is a popular destination for hikers.


Schmiedgasse with Church of St. Martin and the myths

Church of St. Martin the Myths

Holy Cross Chapel

Main Square: Town Hall and Hotel Wysses Rössli

Well Mändl on the main square


In Schwyz are a wide variety of sports clubs available. Since 1893, offers the STV Schwyz women and men of all ages a variety of sporting opportunities. In football, the ladies have the lead. The SC Schwyz women play in the National League A ( women's football ), the gentlemen in the 4th league. The FC Ibach from the same district at the Muota plays in the second league interregional. In the EHC Seewen Seewen is located, which in the 1st Hockey League (see Regional League) plays. The handball players of myth - Shooters play in the second league and the Vipers Innerschwyz play in the first league floorball. Since 2004, in Schwyz, a flag football team, the Schwyz Rocks, which are record holders in the Swiss Flag Football League with four league titles. The myths Black Bulls play American football and the teams from the VBC Suito Schwyz volleyball. In skiing the ski club and ski club Ibach Schwyz operate and have already been asked many professional athletes, as early as 1936 a first Olympian Joseph Lindauer. Worth mentioning is the swing. In Schwyz the myths and provides federation is home to several top- chair for years.


Rail transport

Situated on the Gotthard line station Schwyz is located about two kilometers outside the village of Schwyz in the community part Seewen. The station is served by inter-regional and suburban trains.

Initial planning of the Swiss Südostbahn envisaged a route of the present railway line Pfäffikon - Arth -Goldau to the fountain station instead of the Arth -Goldau station. In this case, the village of Schwyz had received a railway station - first on the Quorum football field, later in Steisteg.


October 6, 1900 to December 14, 1963 joined the Schwyzerstrasse tracks the Schwyz Train to the town center. On May 8, 1915 was still the portion of Schwyz - opens fountain lake - it was shut down on the same day as the line Schwyz SBB - Schwyz. The trams were replaced by the Auto AG Schwyz, which operate 12 bus routes in the cantons of Schwyz and Lucerne today.


  • Karl Elsener (1860-1918), cutler and entrepreneur, founder of Victorinox
  • Meinrad Ingle (1893-1971), writer
  • Carl Elsener senior (1922-2013), entrepreneur, CEO of Victorinox
  • Sepp Trütsch ( b. 1949 ), singer and folk music Moderator
  • Carl Elsener Jr. (born 1958 ), entrepreneur, CEO of Victorinox