Scooch is a four-piece dance - pop group from the United Kingdom.

Band History

The band was known in the years 1999/2000 in her home by several pop hits. The " fathers" of the casted group were Mike Stock and Matt Aitken, two-thirds of the former trio Stock Aitken Waterman success composers. After several years of creative break Scooch has represented her home country at the Euro Vision Song Contest in Helsinki with the song Flying The Flag ( For You ) on 12 May 2007, but only reached the penultimate place.

Euro Vision Song Contest

Of 2007, Scooch on the Euro Vision Song Contest. With 19 points, but they were only 23 ( next to last ).


  • Natalie Powers ( b. 1977 )
  • Caroline Barnes ( b. 1979 )
  • David Ducasse ( b. 1978 )
  • Russ Spencer ( b. 1980 )



  • 2000: Four Sure ( publication: UK)
  • 2000: Welcome to the Planet Pop (Publication: only in Japan)