Scott Loftin

Scott Marion Loftin ( born September 14, 1878 in Montgomery, Alabama, † September 22, 1953 in Highlands, North Carolina ) was an American politician (Democratic Party), who represented the state of Florida for a short time in the U.S. Senate.

Born in Alabama Scott Loftin moved with his parents in 1887 to Florida, where the family settled in Pensacola. He attended the public schools and later the Washington and Lee University in Lexington; after which he studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1889 and commenced practice as a lawyer in Pensacola.

His political career began in the House of Representatives from Florida, where he served from 1903 to 1905. After Loftin served from 1904 to 1917 as a prosecutor of Escambia County, before moving to Jacksonville and worked there as a freelance lawyer again. In 1934 he was a member of the senior staff of the Attorney General of Florida; In the same year he became president of the American Bar Association. Between 1931 and 1941 he served as General Counsel for the Florida East Coast Railway. He also worked for other transport companies and eventually became active as a businessman in the railway and water transport as well as in the newspaper industry.

After the death of U.S. Senator Park Trammell Scott Loftin was appointed on May 26, 1936, Governor David Sholtz to succeed him in Congress. He remained there until November 3, 1936, when it was superseded by the victorious in the election Charles O. Andrews. Loftin had not applied for the mandate and was back working as a lawyer in the sequence.