Scott Skiles

Scott Skiles ( born March 5, 1964 in La Porte, Indiana) is an American basketball coach and former player. Until January 2013, he coached the NBA team the Milwaukee Bucks.

Career as a player

The basketball career of Scott Skiles began at Plymouth High School, where he helped his team to the Indiana State Championship in 1982. In the same year the point guard switches to Michigan State University. In his fourth and final year, he was appointed team to the NCAA All-America Second and selected the most important players in the Big Ten Conference. He then signed up for the 1986 NBA Draft, where he chose the Milwaukee Bucks to 22 point.

In his first year as a professional Skiles came only 13 short inserts. After the season he was transferred for a second-round draft pick to the Indiana Pacers. For the Pacers, he received significantly more operating time. In the second year he played in 80 matches and scored an average of 19.6 minutes 6.8 points 4.9 assists. Nevertheless, the Pacers did not protect him for the 1989 expansion draft, where he was selected by the Orlando Magic in eleventh place. In the first year of the new motley crew Skiles was able to slightly improve his personal values ​​, while the Magic were the second worst team in the league. The season 1990 /91 until then by far the best for Scott Skiles, who established himself in the starting lineup. In the game against the Denver Nuggets on December 30, 1990, he managed 30 assists in a game a new, still valid today NBA record. 17.2 points and 8.4 assist average throughout the season earned him the distinction as the Most Improved Player. The following year, his values ​​deteriorated slightly. In the 1992/93 season he was with a Karrierebestwert 9.4 assists in 15.4 points second-best assist provider in the league. The Magic with their rookie Shaquille O'Neal missed the same number of wins as the eighth-placed Indiana Pacers to the playoffs the narrowest of margins. In the 1993/94 season, the Magic began participating in the young history of the franchise to the playoffs, but lost in the first round 0-3 against the Pacers. For Scott Skiles, this was the first and only playoff part name, but lost his place in the starting lineup mid-season to Dennis Scott. After the season he was transferred to the Washington Bullets. For Washington, he graduated to the first 62 games from the start, scoring on average 13 points and 7.3 assists. In the last 20 games, he had no further use. After the season he was released the Bullets. In December 1995, he signed with the Philadelphia 76ers, released his contract but already in January 1996 again.

From 1996 to 1997 he played for Greek club PAOK Thessaloniki, which he also coached at times.

Career as a coach

The first station of coach Scott Skiles in the NBA was the Phoenix Suns. From 1997 to 1999 he was assistant coach of Danny Ainge. After his resignation, he took over on 14 December 1999 against the Detroit Pistons for the first time the position of the head coach. The Suns reached the playoffs, where they claimed a first-round victory over last year's champion San Antonio Spurs with 1:4 failed in the second round by the Los Angeles Lakers. In the second year the playoffs have been achieved, in which after the first round and a 1-3 against the Sacramento Kings this time was concluded. On 16 February 2002, club and coach agreed to an immediate cancellation of the contract, after the danger was for the first time since 1988 to miss the playoffs.

After nearly two years breaks Skiles took over on 28 November 2003, the Chicago Bulls. Previously, Bill Cartwright was fired and Pete Myers had two games as interim coach denied. Of the remaining 66 games, the Bulls were able to win only 19, so they were the second worst team in the league. In the next season Chicago after qualifying for the playoffs, where they failed in the first round 2:4 to the Washington Wizards. In the following year the playoffs have been achieved where it was again a first round defeat, this time with 2:4 against the Miami Heat. The 2006/07 season was the most successful season for Scott Skiles in Chicago. After almost 60 % of games won in the regular season, the Miami Heat were beaten to zero before you had to admit defeat in the second round after six games, the Detroit Pistons. After a disastrous start to the associated with high expectations next season Skills was released on 24 December 2007.

For the 2008/09 season Skiles succeeds Larry Krystkowiak as coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. After the team slightly improved under his direction in the first year, she managed it again in the second year. So the team could qualify for the playoffs after three years once again. There, they met in the first round to the favored Atlanta Hawks and could go with a 3-2 lead before the Hawks were able to prevail in seven games at the end. The following year, the team could not maintain its level and missed the playoffs clear. After Skiles refused to negotiate a contract extension with the Bucks in December, he was released in January 2013 with immediate effect from his duties as head coach. Throughout his time in Milwaukee Skiles came up with a score of 162 victories and 182 defeats.