Scottish Green Party

The Scottish Green Party ( in Scottish Gaelic: Pàrtaidh Uaine na h- Alba ) is the Green Party in Scotland and an independent member of the European Green Party.


Until 1990, the Scottish Greens part of the Green Party of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were (as they then called ) until they worked as an independent Scottish Green Party. This separation of the Party of origin was not due to political differences, they should rather support the green demand for a decentralization of Britain and the aspirations for independence in Scotland.

In the elections for the first Scottish Parliament in 1999 succeeded Robin Harper to be elected in the region Lothians, he was becoming the first Green MPs in Britain. The party benefited from the fact that the independent Scottish parliament is elected in a combination of majority and proportional representation.

In 2003, the Scottish Greens were able to expand their position strong, with 6.9 % of the votes they conquered 7 of 129 seats.

At the 2007 elections, the party suffered a setback, she lost 1/3 of their votes and 5 of 7 mandates. In the simultaneous ( and for the first time with STV performed ) local elections, however, the Greens were able to gain 8 new council seats: 5 in Glasgow and three in Edinburgh.

In May 2011, the Green Party won 4.4% of the votes and two seats in the Scottish Parliament. Compared to the 2007 election (4.0% ), there was again a slight increase, and the number of seats could be maintained. From ally of the Green Party, the SNP, the first time the absolute majority of seats was won. The SNP also represents some green positions, including the phasing out of nuclear energy and renewable energy development on 100 % of Scotland's energy needs by 2020.