Scottish Parliament general election, 1999

  • SSP: 1
  • Labour: 56
  • SGP: 1
  • SNP: 35
  • LibDems: 17
  • Tories: 18
  • Independently: 1.

The Scottish Parliament elections of 1999 were the first elections to the newly established parliament in Edinburgh and took place on 6 May 1999. Were elected 129 deputies, 73 of them in constituencies by relative majority vote and 56 from party lists in 8 regions.

Top candidates

  • Donald Dewar (2009) Labour Party
  • Alex Salmond (2008) Scottish National Party
  • David McLetchie (2011) Conservative & Unionist Party
  • Jim Wallace (2003) Liberal Democrats

Top candidates of the smaller parties:

Election result

A complete list of all MPs in this term can be found at List of Members of the Scottish Parliament (1st Term).

Compare 1999/1997

The constituency boundaries was largely identical to the Scottish constituencies of the general election in 1997. Only the House of Commons constituency of Orkney and Shetland has been divided into two constituencies Orkney and Shetland.

After the coalition negotiations, a Labour - Liberal Democrat government formed under Donald Dewar.