The handheld radio SCR -536 (SCR = Signal Corps Radio ) was used in the Second World War by the U.S. armed forces. Due to its small size, with only 2.5 kg in weight, the device handie talkie was called.

SCR -536 (also known under the name BC -611 ) is provided with five electron tubes, so-called battery tubes fitted. The range is 2 km over land, over sea water up to 5 kilometers. The battery life was so marked with a day 24 hours. The unit operates in the frequency range of 3.5 MHz to 6 MHz, the output power is 360 milliwatts, modulation is AM. The device has neither a squelch, still has a volume control. By drawing out the telescopic antenna, the device is a - on and off by push together again. The anode battery yielded 103.5 V, the heating battery 1.5 V. The radio was tuned to transmit and receive coils and quartz (german tank coil and antenna coil) to the desired frequency. The device will still gladly offered at swap meets and has a certain value among collectors. It can be still operate in the 80 - meter band by radio amateurs. Since it only operates in AM, but it is more interesting for collectors and nostalgic.