Scribal abbreviation

The Sigel (rarely supply the code ), Pl abbreviations, sigla, is a word (from the Latin singulae litterae, single letters ) indicating the abbreviation of one or more words with letters or letter-number combinations. There is also the neo-Latin form siglum (plural sigla ). Examples of sigla are the paragraph sign (§) or abbreviations such as " eg B. " for the words, for example.

In the shorthand sigla are the shortening of the normal short written versions, some in common form or as a private expression.

In the philology and textual criticism to use sigla to (manuscripts, papyri, etc.) specify sources. At the end or at the beginning of the works of these abbreviations are summarized in a Sigle directory. One in the German literature well known Sigle eg "HA", which stands for the Hamburg edition of the works of Goethe. In the citation of the sigla are used instead of the full name, for example, to cite individual chapters of the Bible: " Mt" is about for Matthew.

Sigla are also common for libraries. Such library code used to characterize libraries in short form, so that they in union catalogs and the Interlibrary loan service can simply be listed in particular. At international level library code since 2003 in the ISIL system according to ISO 15511 involved.

With the Sigelung in the list of available books of the German Book Trade Between booksellers indicate that they lead the respective titles in stock.