Scribd is a Web portal that users can use to upload documents and share them with other people. In the fall of 2006, the beta phase of the platform began on 6 March 2007 started the production operation. The portal is currently recording claims to be around 10 million hits per month and has about 185,000 registered users (as of January 2008).

Because of its resemblance to the video platform YouTube Scribd is also known as " YouTube for documents ". Portal users can upload documents of different formats such as Microsoft Office,, PDF, and various image formats. The uploaded documents can be marked as either public or private. Only public documents are indexed by search engines and can be found on the internal search of Scribd.

The uploaded files will be converted to various other formats such as PDF and Flash. The Flash version of the documents allows the integration into other websites using HTML code. For a preview of the document is possible. The preview provides scrolling through the document, the expression on paper, a full text search and zoom feature. On 5 May 2010 -based HTML5 version was introduced, which would replace the existing Flash-based.

Downloading is possible in principle as a PDF file or in the output format of the document, but often. Visible for registered users with paid user account By September 2007, the documents were as audio files, which then existed in the MP3 format and was created by a language software download. Because of this necessary high processing power, this service has been discontinued.

For each document can be specified, in which file formats the download should be permitted. Scribd also supports the licensing system Creative Commons.

As YouTube Scribd has to deal with copyright infringement. Meanwhile, Scribd has given the possible for the user management of uploaded documents (folder ), and individual files can be compiled only in collections. The in the collections ( Collections) summarized documents can be viewed only by registered users.