Scripps Booth was an American automobile manufacturer based in Detroit, Michigan, which produced 34,300 vehicles in the period 1913-1923.

The company was founded by James Scripps Booth, a scion of the family, in whose hands the Scripps media companies is, and whose uncle William E. Booth. That had been the bi- Autogo, a mixture of motorcycle and automotive products designed, from the never more than just the prototype had been built, however. First produced Scripps - Booth called cyclecars, inexpensive companion, who represented a mix of automobile and motor- bike. The first model appeared under the name Rocket and was available for $ 385. Since Ford's Model T to have at ever lower prices and thus " full " cars for only a little more money were available, the success of cyclecars was only of short duration. After about 400 units you placed therefore their production and moved into the luxury segment.

The preisintesiveren bodies sold in sufficient numbers and with the production of a powerful V8 engine it came into direct competition to Stutz. These cars were manufactured in the period 1915-1919. Already in 1917 James Scripps Booth sold shares of his company, which was initially adopted by Chevrolet, headed by William Durant in 1918 and eventually turned down by the takeover by General Motors in their product line. Since then, GM engines were then used exclusively. However, Durant lost his influence with General Motors and a new management was phasing out production, so that in 1923 the last car rolled off the assembly line.