When scrolling ( scrolling English ) is called the moving of screen content ( both text and graphic). Purpose is the representation of large-scale content to limited space ( such as in screens, windows, list boxes, etc.). To operate the scrolling is usually at the edge of the window, a slider on a so-called scroll bar.

As a "gentle scroll " refers to the slightly delayed, pixel -wise tracking of the to move the image content. In English it means scrolling scrolling, which results from scroll to scroll. Technically can be implemented both by software rather than by hardware, for example, using the graphics card in the scrolling.


In the limited graphics capabilities of previous computer there was no scroll bar, and a mouse was only optional. Instead, could be switched so that the cursor maintained its vertical position on the screen and instead the image content has been moved to the roller ( Scroll Lock ) key, the function of the cursor keys.

With the growing proliferation of touchpads and mice with scroll scroll bars are only shown in many recent user when the user actually scrolls. Buttons to scroll to the end of the scrollbar omitted in such surfaces. This is to simplify the user interface further.


A scroll bar is a control of a graphical user interface. When only a part of the actual content such as text, can be displayed can be changed by operating the scroll bar of the displayed section and achieve any desired position of the content. Most contain scroll bars, a movable element, the scroll box. The scroll bar can be operated with the touch pad or mouse. There are horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

Scrolling on web pages

From the aspect of quality of the information process requiring scrolling should be avoided by suitable structure of the information as possible. This is limited for vertical and especially horizontal scrolling.

Scrolling in computer games

Many two-dimensional computer games are side-scrolling, scrolling allows the player to explore areas that are off screen. In particular, there is this in the computer game genres Jump ' n' Run ( platform games like Super Mario ) and Shoot ' em up ( Shoot' Em Up ). A distinction is made in the latter, whether this scroll horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The first game with scrolling was the racing game by Atari Super Bug, 1977. The first known was Defender. Moon Patrol was the first parallax scrolling, with the foreground moves faster than the background.

Kinetic Scrolling

When kinetic scrolling (English Kinetic scrolling) is a Scrollart that is often found on devices with touch screen. In this case, the screen content moves synchronously with the finger passes over the touch screen surface. When leaving the surface of the scrolling hear but not immediately, but will slow delayed until it stops. This example has the advantage that you can run over by speeding wiping the contents into a higher speed and thus can avoid a time-consuming linear scrolling until about the end of a document.

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