SD Croatia Berlin

The SD Croatia Berlin is a Berlin football club that plays in the national league Division 1st Berlin. Play their home games, the club from the Friedrich- Ebert- stadium that can accommodate 12,000 spectators.

This club was founded by the Croatian community in Berlin as NK Hajduk Berlin in 1972, almost all the players are of Croatian origin. 1989 merged with the NK Croatia. Then began a series of successes for the club that led from the 8th to the Regional League. The 1998/ 99 in the Regional terminated with an expected last place, although they were able to achieve some good results.

In addition to the football field the SD Croatia Berlin has a very successful futsal team. 2010 and 2011 was here with the DFB Futsal Cup, the inofficial German Championships, as well as 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012, the East German Futsal Cup will be won. In the UEFA Futsal Cup 2010/11 would retire in qualifying Group D second place points behind AGBU Ararat from Cyprus from 2011/12 is different than third in the preliminary round Group A from.

League rankings since 1994


  • Oberliga Nordost North Champion Season 1998
  • Berlin Football Champion 1996
  • DFB Futsal Cup winners 2010, 2011